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   Chapter 953 Seamus Tells Emily His Real Name

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6513

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Emily felt uncomfortable when she heard a stranger say her name affectionately.

"Seamus, is her name Emily? What a lovely name!"

With a warm smile on her face, the old woman stepped closer to Emily to hold her hand. However, Emily felt a little embarrassed and her face turned red.

"Thank you, granny,"

Emily said after a pause.

She didn't know anyone there, so she thought it wouldn't hurt if she called the old woman "granny."

Seamus was glad to see Emily talking with the villagers. For a moment, he felt like he was returning to the village with his wife and his wife was Emily.

Emily could feel Seamus's eyes watching her carefully. Suddenly, her ears turned red from embarrassment.

She didn't like to be watched like that by any man except her husband, Jacob.

So, she turned her face away and used her hair to cover her face to avoid Seamus's gaze. She hid her discomfort by talking to the granny.

"Emily, it's getting late now. It's time for us to go to the cemetery to visit my parents," Seamus said softly. A flash of disappointment appeared in his eyes when he saw that Emily was deliberately avoiding his gaze.

Seamus had learned long ago that Emily was in love with Jacob. That was why she had rejected Sean and Tyron, even though they were the most outstanding members of the Lu Family and the Fang Family.

Ever since he had found out, he had tried his best to stay away from Emily. However, he hadn't expected to run into her days before.

After saying good-bye to the old woman, Emily followed Seamus to his foster parents' graves. Looking at his back, Emily asked in a tentative tone, "Seamus, could you tell me what your family name is?"

She felt a sense of familiarity towards Seamus and felt like she had seen him before.

Upon hearing Emily's question, Seamus paused and slowly turned back. Then, after hesitating for a short while, he said in a low voice, "Lu... My name is Seamus Lu."

o, I'm sorry, we can't be friends. It's fine. I'll always remember you as the person who saved my life. When you return to Jingshi City, you can find me at SL Jewelry. I will definitely return the favor."

Then, Emily walked away without looking back. She was so sad that tears streamed down her face.

After spending several days with Seamus, Emily knew that Seamus was different from the rest of the Lu Family. She also knew that she was being extremely unfair to him. But she just couldn't risk anything happening because she still had some sort of connection with the Lu Family.

Even as Emily thought about what the Lu Family had done to her, she started to get angry again and hate seeped through her heart.

So, Emily figured that it was best if she just said goodbye to Seamus and left as soon as possible.

As Emily made her way through the winding road, she had trouble remembering where the way was. Still, she was determined to find her way out because she knew that Jacob and the kids were waiting for her.

Seamus didn't retrieve his gaze until Emily had completely disappeared. He looked upset and distressed.

His foster parents' burial plot wasn't that far. 'If I had been able to take Emily to visit them, Mother and Father would have been so happy, ' Seamus thought.

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