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   Chapter 952 Return To The Village

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Looking at Emily's scars and swollen wounds, the flicker of light in Seamus's eyes dimmed down.


Emily was taken by surprise. Before she knew it, Seamus had already walked up to her with a bunch of green plants in his hand.

'Are these medicinal herbs?' she wondered.

Seamus quickly crushed the herbs and then gently applied them to Emily's wounds.

When Seamus's hands were approaching her legs, Emily quickly moved away and said, "You don't have to do that. I'll do it myself."

It was inappropriate for a man to touch a female stranger without asking for her permission. Emily didn't want to be touched by another man, even though Seamus was just trying to help her.

Seamus felt slighted, but then he realized that his actions were inappropriate. A blush reddened his handsome and chiseled face. With a slight nod of the head, he whispered, "All right."

He handed all the crushed herbs in his hand to Emily and turned around to look away.

Emily bit her lip, feeling a twinge of pain as she quickly applied the medicinal herbs on her body. After a while, she mumbled, "Okay... I'm done..."

"Good!" Seamus nodded and walked towards the village without looking back.

Emily wanted to say something, but when she saw how far away Seamus had gone, she scurried after him quickly.

"Seam, is this your wife?"

Out of nowhere came a man, seemingly in his forties. He smiled at Seamus brightly, peaking at Emily curiously from time to time.


Is that really Seamus's nickname? It seems that he was telling the truth, ' Emily thought to herself.

Seamus's skin tone was lighter than the man's tanned skin. He answered with a smile on his face, "Well, yes, Uncle Gabe!"


Emily had a polite smile on her face the whole time, but when she heard what Seamus said, her smile faded. She quickly tried to rectify the situation, but Uncle Gabe rushed towards Seamus, who was now surrounded by a gr

a lie, but seeing the old lady's imploring gesture made her unable to refuse their request. All she could do was look to Seamus for help.

The man smiled and leaned slightly closer to Emily's ear. He lowered his voice and whispered, "This ribbon has no real effect on us, but in the eyes of the elders in the village, this is a blessing. If you do not accept it, it will mean that you do not want their blessing!"

With that, Seamus got up and handed his ribbon to Emily again with a smile on his face.

'It's just a blessing!'

Emily comforted herself. She took a deep breath, and with trembling hands, she tied the ribbon onto Seamus's wrist.

There was a cheerful applause from the crowd. Emily breathed a sigh of relief, her gaze falling on the man who was also smiling beside her. There was an indescribable feeling in the bottom of her heart.

This man was completely different from Sean and Tyron. He was more like a man who had realized the true meaning of life after experiencing all the ups and downs in his life.

He had a mysterious aura around him, curious and inaccessible.

"All right everyone, today is the day I lost my mother and father many years ago. I can't keep you company anymore. I'm going to take my wife to visit my parents' graves. I hope you all understand."

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