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   Chapter 951 Keep The Plan Moving

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In a hurry, Jacob wrapped Beryl in his arms and covered the top of her head with one hand. It was natural for him to be very protective of his daughter. Everything happened so fast that they both fell on the floor.

"How do you feel, sweetheart?" Jacob murmured softly, though Beryl couldn't hear him.

The first thing he did was to check whether Beryl was all right after he got up from the ground. His voice was hoarse but he was concerned. Once he'd made sure that Beryl was all right, he looked around for Michelle.

He spotted her just a few steps away leaning against the wall, quivering in pain. The fire on her had already been put out but she still looked horrified. Her clothes were burnt and so was her skin. Tears were silently running down from her eyes.

Jacob looked at her with a myriad of different feelings inside. He then knitted his brows and stepped forward with Beryl in his arms. "Can you walk now?" he asked in a low voice.

"I can," Michelle replied. She took a deep breath to control the pain and nodded at Jacob with a faint smile.

Every breath she took hurt because of all the burns but she just kept this to herself.

"We need to get out of here as soon as possible. The fire is spreading. We'd better run!" Jacob said hastily.

Michelle cringed as she tried to move. She looked miserable as she balled her hands into fists and gritted her teeth to stand the pain. She'd sweated so much from that little movement and she had clenched her hands so tight that her knuckles were white.

"Let's go," she replied briskly.

As much as Jacob and David wanted to help, they didn't have time anymore as they needed to get out of there right away. The most help they could do for her was to get out of there right away so they could bring her to a hospital.

Jacob and David nodded at each other after instructing the bodyguards to help Michelle. They then made sure that they were going in the right direction. The basement was filled with dark smoke and the fire was spreading quickly.

Michelle's burns were getting worse. She groaned in pain as the bodyguards supported her.

Meanwhile, Darren and Rita had successfully fled the fire. Darren figured that it would take a while before Jacob and David got out. He then instructed his henchmen to make sure that the flames were spreading quickly. Even though Jacob and David were able to get out just 10 minutes after Darren did, it was the worst 10 minutes they'd ever experienced.

By the time they'd escaped the fire, Michelle had already passed out. Jacob was just a few meters away from her. He was patting his daughter as he looked at Michelle guiltily. He couldn't help but blame himself. Even David felt the same way.

Not only had he been unable to rescue his wife, but his wife's sister was also badly hurt.

He gazed at his son who had passed out in his

e was worried and upset.

No news was good news. Even though Jacob didn't know where Emily was, at least he was sure that she was alive, because only then would someone trouble themselves to delete all of her traces. He used that information to relax himself.

However, this was short-lived as his heart raced again when he thought of why someone would erase any trace of Emily.

Was that person plotting an uprising? Then what was this person expecting from Emily?

Jacob didn't want to conclude anything and decided to stop thinking about it. Every time he thought about Emily, he felt as if a dagger was stabbing through his heart. It was so painful that he would rather die than suffer through it. Emily was a part of him and she was his whole life and his whole world.

"Copy that, Mr. Gu!" Sam replied and nodded, determined.

As he watched Jacob from the side, he could see the pallor of his face. It also looked like he hadn't shaved in days, as if his life was a mess without his wife.

Since Jacob needed to focus on his wife and daughter, Sam had to get back to work. Doing his job was the best help Sam could offer right now.

At that moment, Emily had been walking for miles and miles in a mountain far away.

She, along with Seamus, had finally arrived at the village before the sun had set after a whole day and night of walking.

It was a small village. All Emily could see were kids playing in twos and threes, and a couple of old women. It was much smaller than the village she and Jacob had visited the other day, and it was more impoverished and less populated.

Emily trailed behind Seamus the entire time. She had scratches everywhere even though Seamus had constantly reminded her to be careful. She had also been bit by a few insects which had caused her to have a rash and itch all over. Still, these were all nothing to her because she was running for her life.

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