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   Chapter 950 Making the Deal

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6934

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She had not even seen her parents and her brother yet. She could not die... She couldn't die...

Tears flowed down from Beryl's eyes endlessly, burning Dylan's bare skin. He clutched her closer and tried to coax her. "Beryl, it will all be okay... I'll get you out..."

The sound of the fire was getting louder and louder. There was only one exit. Darren's bodyguards were fighting hard to get through and save them, but there were too many barrels of oil outside the basement and the fire was quickly moving inside. Within ten minutes, the whole building was ablaze.

The moment David arrived in China, he received a phone call from Jacob. Scared to death, they rushed to the scene with firefighters. David's heart started beating violently as he saw the house burning from a distance.

Michelle too was notified and got there after them.

In the basement, the black smoke had already knocked the children down. They were dying. With blurry eyes, Rita lay on her stomach on the floor and tried to crawl toward them, but she too was getting drained of life. She couldn't move an inch.

"Dylan... Beryl... Hang in there... Mommy is coming to save you..."

Rita's crystal tears got mixed with the soot as they flowed down the sides of her face, leaving small streams on her face. Her voice was hoarse, low, and powerless.

Dylan, who was almost unconscious, responded to Rita with a tough smile. He tried to speak but couldn't make a sound.

"Dylan! Beryl!"

Rita shouted hysterically, but none of them responded.

"Here you are!"

Darren had somehow found a wet cloth in the basement. He immediately blocked Rita's mouth and nose with it. Rita seemed to have given up the will to live, as she struggled to avoid his help.

"Do you want to die?"

Darren shouted, staring at the dying woman in anger and puzzlement.

The situation was out of control. The only hope was that his bodyguards would put out the fire and save them. But while the fire was still alive, they had no choice but to resist it and strive to save themselves.

"Give them to the ch


Michelle hid her worry and looked at Jacob and David. In a deep voice, she said, "I'll take someone with me and chase him!"

"I'll go with you!"

David's thin lips were covered with soot, granting him a tough look. He handed Dylan to Jacob and looked at him steadfastly.


Jacob nodded in agreement. His dark eyes glowed like cold ice, glinting with hatred.

With Emily's disappearance, Beryl's condition, and the change in the ownership of the company, there were too many things for Jacob to deal with. Only David and Michelle could track Darren down and get Rita back.

The flame had almost died when they had entered. But somehow, it now spread from the basement door to the whole room. The worn-out wood met with the fierce fire, lighting up in an instant. David and the others were trapped in the room.

The children had inhaled a lot of smoke and needed urgent medical treatment. Rita and Darren would not have gotten very far. If they left soon, they could catch up with them.

Jacob flung Beryl over his shoulder, wrapped her in the blankets that they had brought with them, and decided to take the lead.

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, Jacob and Beryl were pushed away. Logs of burning wood fell on Michelle's thin body, crushing her completely.

The flames flared up fast, burning her clothes first and then, within seconds...her entire body.

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