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   Chapter 949 The Culprit

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6690

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"All of this happened because of you. There is no one else to blame!"

Nora yelled hysterically, her eyes red with wrath. Beryl was scared, standing at a distance, and hid in Dylan's arms.

The culprit?

Rita raised her head at the irony, wondering when and how she had become the culprit.

She had been living her life simply and plainly with David. They were the ones who had broken into their lives and butchered their peace. If someone was really to be blamed, it was them!

"What are you doing here? Did you come here to see how miserable I am, or did you want to show off your own position?"

Rita's smile and soft voice was like a sword piercing into Nora's heart.

She had seen through the camouflage, and was now exposing purulent wounds to light.


Rita's cheek, which was already red and swollen, received another loud slap. Her hair was wet with blood. But she still looked beautiful, which infuriated Nora.

"You're just a prisoner. What authority do you think you have to shout at me?" asked Nora.

She gripped Rita's neck with both of her hands. Her nails dug into her tender flesh, making blood gush out of it.


"Auntie Rita!"

Dylan and Beryl exclaimed at the same time. Their little bodies were struck with panic. They didn't have the courage to save Rita from Nora's grip.

"How does it feel to be suffocated?"

Nora's sharp cheekbones lifted as she smiled like a maniac. Her eyes were bloodthirsty. The madness in her expression indicated that she was losing her mind and that the thirst for revenge had finally taken over her sanity. The strength in her hands had multiplied. Rita's face had already turned pale, and her vision was already bleak. She was really dying.


The decrepit iron door was kicked open from outside. Nora got distracted by the loud sound and let go of Rita's neck. She then calmly looked at the man who was heading toward her angrily.

"Darren, weren't you going to purchase the Xu and Bai Groups? What

Darren's bodyguards couldn't see her. She took out a lighter from her pocket and threw it at the oil drum. Oil was already oozing out of it.

The fire grew wildly in no time. It blocked the entrance to the basement in seconds. A thick cloud of black smoke rose in the sky, and with it, the cries of the bodyguards.

The fire glowed in Nora's eyes. She smiled wantonly. Her bloodthirsty lips parted as she cried out loud. "Go to hell! Only when you die can I have my happiness!"

Assured that her little stunt would kill them all, Nora turned around and left.

Both Rita and Darren would die, as would Rita's bastard. From now on, the Xu Group belonged to no one but her. David, too, was finally hers. Everything that had been scattered would come back together piece by piece, right from this day.

In the decrepit basement, the sound of billowing smoke and flames reached Rita's and Darren's ears. Darren ran to the basement door and kicked it open, only to be met by heat waves and flames. He had no choice but to close the door again.

He had never been this panicked before. He stood flabbergasted and scared, not knowing what to do. It was impossible to tell whether the sweat on his forehead was due to the heat or the nervousness.

Beryl and Dylan were both frightened. They held onto each other, crying out loud.

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