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   Chapter 947 Rita, Where Are You

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The phone in Ray's pocket kept ringing. He glanced at Dina, who looked just as suspicious as he was. Then, he turned around and left.

Seeing Ray leave, Dina breathed a sigh of relief.

Jacob had returned to the country on a private plane. Michelle rushed back too when she received news that Darren was in the country despite David's protests. Before they arrived at Jingshi City, Darren knew that they were returning as well. He'd also caught Ray, who was just leaving.

So many things were happening simultaneously —Jacob and Michelle would be facing a bloody battle against Darren.

Jacob was the first to arrive at the club, which he found to be completely empty. He did find some of Beryl's stuff that Dylan had given her before. Beryl loved wearing them.

"Damn it! We have to continue looking for Beryl!"

He clenched Beryl's accessories in his palm as he looked around the room where they'd been held captive. His eyes were gleaming dangerously.

'Who leaked the information that we were coming here?' Jacob wondered.


Suddenly, his phone started vibrating. When he answered his phone, a rough voice said, "Jacob, I know what happened. I'm going back. By this time, Michelle should already have arrived. Darren put a tracker in Michelle's body so as soon as she arrives there, Darren will know."

It was Michelle!

'What a drag! She can't do anything right!' Jacob cursed in his mind.

Jacob clenched his fists in anger and his eyes were cold and sharp like daggers.

Jacob had always thought Michelle was a drag. She was a terrible agent who had the worst instincts and the emotional capacity of a child to handle anything. Now here she was messing up the entire plan.

"I see!"

With that, Jacob quickly hung up the phone and then walked out of the empty room.

There was no point in pointing the finger at anyone now. The most important thing right now was to find them as soon as possible.

In less than three minutes, Jacob's phone rang again. He was just about to lose his temper w

that hackers could have easily bugged her tracker without her noticing.

She had been manipulated from the very start and she felt like an idiot for being used and set up like that!

She was filled with remorse. She tried to contain her anger as she took out the tracker half-embedded in her skin, and sneakily placed it in the bag of a person who was going in the opposite direction.

Michelle then made a quick check on all the other devices she had on her body. Fortunately, it was only the tracker that had been bugged. The rest was safe.

The tracker was an electronic tool created by the RT Organization, which could not only track the wearer's location, but also function as a small computer. If Michelle lost it, it would be even more difficult for her to find Rita, but fortunately, she had a mobile phone.

Michelle used her mobile phone to access the monitoring devices installed in the clubhouse where Darren had held Rita captive. Then, she checked all the surveillance videos in Jingshi City, trying to find Rita and the children's whereabouts.

However, she couldn't find anything suspicious. The only thing she could see was Darren's vehicle while the children and Rita were nowhere to be found. It was as if they had vanished into thin air.

Michelle looked at her cell phone in despair and murmured, "Rita, where are you?"

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