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   Chapter 945 Ray Knelt Down

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Dina rolled her eyes as she scornfully thought about how the hell she could be inferior to Emily.

She had a great body, she had an excellent career, and she was quite an influential celebrity. If there was anything that Emily was good at but she was not, it was her acting skills. But that was a small thing compared to her other feats.

Still, Emily was charming and it wasn't surprising that she was able to attract men.

She'd already fooled Ray and Jacob. There were perhaps even more men that Dina didn't know of.

Ray was scornfully glaring at Dina. He looked at her with a lot of contempt and raised his chin rather aggressively, telling her to stop before he lost all his patience.

Ray thought Dina was stupid. Everyone needed to have at least a little brain but this woman wasn't smart even in the slightest sense.

Everyone knew that Darren was just using her against him. But she was taking it with so much pride and joy as if it was something to be envied instead of ashamed of.

"Do you really think you're going to see Emily again? Poor Ray!" Dina spat.

Dina couldn't help but be hurt by how Ray was treating her. Normally, she was a proud and self-righteous woman, but here she was looking at Ray like a love-struck teenager. At least she was able to catch Ray's attention. He fixed his eyes on her, watching her carefully.

"What? You saw her? How is she?"

Ray pretended that he didn't know anything. He grabbed Dina's arms, squeezing them roughly as he waited for her to respond. He was eyeing Dina coldly.

"Beg for it! My mouth is shut until you treat me properly!" Dina said, smiling smugly. She refused to believe that Ray would actually beg for it.

She didn't want to admit that Ray cared about Emily, but he really did. While Ray had been decent to her before, he'd never do for her what he would do for Emily. Ray was a proud man, after all.

But she was surprised by what happened next. Ray really did beg her as she had said.

"Please, Dina! Please tell me all you know about Emily!"

Ray took a deep breath and did as Dina said. This irked Dina. Her eyes narrowed as resentment filled them. She looked so angry that smoke could be coming out of her nostrils.

For so long, she'd been trying to win this man's heart, but he'd always rejected her. Now, here he was pleading to her for another woman who was married and had kids. People said that married women were dull and boring but for some reason, Ray didn't see Emily that way. To him, Emily was bright, like the moonlight. Dina could tell how strong Ray's feelings were for Emily just by looking at his face.

Dina sighed to herself. She hated how unfair life was, especially to her.

"On your knees, Ray! That's all I ask!" Dina ordered as she raised

d Darren talking earlier, so he knew that Darren was just using her. Meanwhile, she was also taking for granted that Darren just wanted her for her body. She was too naive to notice anything else.

Dina felt herself shrinking in shame. She couldn't believe someone had just said all those things to her face. All the arrogance and pride she had had earlier had now dissipated. She was grinding her teeth in humiliation.

"Don't shame me for sleeping my way to the top. I work hard either way and I just chose to take a shortcut. Do you have a problem with that? No, you don't. Who just knelt down in front of me? You betrayed yourself too by trading your dignity for something else. It's the same thing, Ray. Whichever way you see it, we all do what we need to do to get what we want," Dina countered.

She grinned at Ray maliciously.

"I don't give a damn what you did or what you're going to do in future. That's your own business. Mind your own business and stop messing with mine. Now just tell me what you know about Emily! If you don't, I'm afraid I'm going to have to be the bad guy again," Ray threatened.

His brows were furrowed together and his eyes were dark, like a bottomless pit. Dina couldn't even look at him in the eye. Ray looked like a demon right now because he was so angry.

"I lied to you. I don't know anything, not a clue!" Dina answered.

She decided to just tell him the truth. Her face was as pale as a sheet and she quickly averted her gaze. She tried to sneak a peek at Ray to see what he was going to do next.

Ray balled his hands tightly and cracked his knuckles. Dina's heart was racing. Ray remained silent as he gazed at her. Dina was holding her breath and she could feel her chest constricting.

"I warned you before. You asked for this. You put yourself in this position!" Ray growled.

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