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   Chapter 944 Men Are Stupid

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"Well... Thanks. I still owe you one but it's getting late, we need to hurry."

As if he didn't notice the displeasure on Emily's face, he calmly looked away and walked off as if nothing had happened.

Emily's eyes were no longer bright and cheerful. Instead, they looked vigilant. Seamus's eyes reminded her of Sean's.

Seamus... Sean...

Were they related?

Inside a club in Jingshi City, Darren and Dina were arguing.

"Darren, didn't you promise me you'd leave Emily to me? So what are Rita and these two other bastards still doing here?"

Since Darren was being so patient with Dina, she'd already forgotten how she'd been treated before. Her old proud and arrogant self was back again.

Rita's expression changed when she heard Emily's name. However, she didn't show her distaste. Instead, she just leaned against the wall.

"Emily... I still need her for something else. You can do whatever you want with her when it's done!"

Darren coldly glanced at Rita in the corner. He seemed to deliberately raise his voice so that Rita could hear his conversation with Dina.


Dina was suspicious. She had the last contract. What could Emily do?

Besides, Emily was Jacob and David's friend. She wouldn't possibly help Darren. Was he out of his mind?

"We can use Emily against Jacob. I want both Xu's Group and Bai's Group. I want to control the city!"

Darren was able to see right through Dina. As he spoke, he leaned back and let out a chuckle. Dina felt like a demon was sitting in front of her.

"Oh... I see..."

Dina heaved a sigh of relief as she smiled nervously. She felt scared for her life, as if Darren was going to do with her what he was going to do with David and Jacob.

Rita heard everything they talked about. At first, she'd thought Darren was only after Xu's Group. She had no ide

ntertainment industry with the help of Darren and Mr. Li, the CEO of Billion Star Entertainment Group Limited, she was more famous than ever, even more famous than Ray, who already had a huge following.

Ray lifted his eyebrows and his eyes looked cold. "You're welcome."

He'd always been cold to Dina but at that moment, he was trying to see what was going on in Darren's room, so he sounded a little harsher than usual.

Dina noticed this but she didn't think too much of it as she just concluded that he was angry with her for using him.

Ray had also used her so he could get ahead in his own career in the industry.

If one looked at it that way, Ray and Dina were the same—young people who would do anything to succeed.

"Ray, do you think I still love you? That I can't live without you?"

Dina raised her long and slender fingers and gently caressed Ray's chin. She leaned against Ray rather suggestively.

"I'm not you! I'm not that delusional!"

Ray grabbed Dina by the wrist and then pushed her away. Her heavy perfume reeked, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Dina almost fell to the ground. She was so angry that her face had twisted into a grimace. She yelled, "Fuck! Men are stupid!"

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