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   Chapter 943 Emily Was Alone With Seamus

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8025

Updated: 2019-10-10 21:05

"Are you from Jingshi City?"

Emily asked, interrupting Seamus's trip down the memory lane, mainly because she was getting more and more confused.

"Kind of..."

Seamus's response was shrouded in ambiguity, failing to address Emily's confusion. His foster parents lived in a small village near Jingshi City, which was why he felt a special connection to this city.

Suddenly, Seamus stood up and looked out of the window. Judging by his eyes, Emily was sure that he was lost in thought, but she couldn't tell what he was thinking about.

'Perhaps he is thinking about someone he loved. Or is he just feeling sorry for something?' she wondered.

"I have to go now. Would you like to leave with me?"

Seamus asked her again in his deep and captivating voice.

'And go where?' Emily said to herself.

She stared into space for a short while and then asked Seamus happily, "Are you heading toward Jingshi City?"


Seamus answered subconsciously, his deep eyes twitching every now and then.

In fact, he had just gotten here. When he had arrived, he had seen Emily lying unconscious on the ground. Nursing her back to health had taken him some time. Today was the anniversary of his adoptive parents' death, so he had to go to the village anyway.

Emily's loss of patience was evident by the look of frustration in her eyes. Soon, however, she concealed her emotions and said, "Thank you for taking care of me. And thank you for saving my life. Since you clearly have something else to attend to, I should be getting out of your hair now."

Although Emily wanted to express her sincerest gratitude to Seamus for saving her life, she was in no position to repay him at the moment. However, since she also had some important matters she needed to get back to, Emily would have to repay the debt at another time in the future.

Emily crouched down to pick up a sharp stick from the ground and wrote down the address of her house in the sand. She stood up while looking at Seamus and said, "I live in Jingshi City and this is my address. If you ever find yourself in the city, look for me at this address. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of assistance. I'll try my best to be of help."

Seamus nodded his head and then shifted his observant sight to the writing in the sand. Emily's handwriting was clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Raising the corners of his

d around his neck. Looking up at his face, she saw that he was holding a venomous snake in his hand.

Twining it around his fist, he turned it into a ball and threw it into the bushes far away.

Emily looked at Seamus with utter astonishment. It took her a few moments to pull herself back to reality.

If Seamus hadn't turned back to take a look at her just now, she would have been bitten by that snake. Emily was lucky to have him around to save her life again.

"Well, you can let go of me now." Emily didn't realize that she was in Seamus's arms until she finally calmed herself down.

Their bodies were so close that, for a moment, Emily could clearly hear his heart beating against hers. Unfortunately, as he was not Jacob, she subconsciously wanted to maintain a distance between them.

Seamus slowly and steadily put Emily on the ground with a smile on his face.

The ordeal had left Emily with a pale face. Seamus stared at her, not wanting to move his eyes. The wind came up and blew carelessly through her long hair, further revealing the charms of her beautiful face.

As Seamus was busy drowning in Emily's beauty, he didn't notice the agitation on her face. Emily's brows furrowed slightly and, judging by her eyes, it was easy to tell that she was annoyed at Seamus.

It was true that he had saved her life—not once, but twice. However, that didn't mean he could stare at her like that. Emily's discomfort was clear and evident.

Her stiff body stepped back on its own accord, trying to pull her out of Seamus's intense gaze. She felt violated by his invasive gaze.

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