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   Chapter 942 Seamus

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Jacob took a deep breath. His clear eyes darkened and then dimmed. He said in a hoarse voice, "Darren kidnapped them to make us panic, and by separating Rita from Emily, he distracted our attention at the same time. He has secretly been buying off shares from the company!"

His handsome face became intense, and his razor sharp eyes suddenly shone with passion. Finally, this was a game which he understood.

"Darren was sure that we would try to look for them abroad. Now, if both of us return home so suddenly, it will certainly arouse Darren's suspicion. So I will return home first, and you will use international operatives from the Xu Family to attract his attention."

He knew that David was eager to save his wife, and so was he. Although Emily's whereabouts were still unknown, Beryl had been taken captive by Darren, so Jacob was hell-bent on going all out to rescue them.

David's eyes lit up, but then dimmed a little bit as he realized the gravity of the situation. He nodded slowly and said, "I will hold Darren's attention here, but you have to act as soon as possible."

He knew that Jacob was right. Darren wanted to use the abduction of their wives as a ruse to buy time. It had almost worked, too! He had tricked them into going abroad.

"I'll spread the rumor that I am looking for Emily. You and Michelle should pretend to still be looking for Rita and her babies."

Darren had bargained on them not expecting him to return to Jingshi City, but unfortunately for him, Ray had seen what had happened to Dina and overheard their conversation.

After discussing their plan, Jacob rushed back to the country with great haste. He tried to contact Ray midway through the flight, but could not reach him.

Jacob was annoyed that Ray didn't answer his call but there was nothing that he could do about it.

Deep inside a forest mountain.

By the time Emily woke up again, it was already dawn. She looked around with her wide eyes, searching for traces of the mysterious man.

Even though she was on guard against the man, he was the only other human being in the vicinity. Subconsciously, she felt draw

, so how could he have appeared here?

"Are you from here?"

In the end, Emily could not help but ask.

Glancing at her from under his long eyelashes, his eyes glimmered with a secret, like a dark crystal that Emily could not understand.


Seamus answered Emily's question honestly.

He was indeed not from here. He was the son of the Lu Family. After Sean and Cloris had died, the Lu Family had brought him back to the family home.

But he had been living in a foreign country for decades, and he couldn't adapt to his new life in D Country.

Although Mr. and Mrs. Lu were his biological parents, they had focused all of their attention on Sean and Cloris. And even long after their deaths, Mrs. Lu had wanted to use Tyron to bring Emily back to the Lu's home so that she could act as a replacement for Cloris.

Seamus couldn't stand Mr. and Mrs. Lu, so he had left D Country and returned here. He had heard about what had happened after that. When Mrs. Lu had gone crazy, he had returned to see her several times, but she had driven him out. So, he had simply stayed in the country to do as he liked.

This time, he had come to the mountains to visit the grave of his adoptive parents. His adoptive parents were from this mountain village. Although they were not very rich, they had offered him a healthy and happy life when he was young. No one could match this gift which they had given him.

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