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   Chapter 941 Deception

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Darren frowned, his black, deep-set eyes showing strong displeasure. He raised his hand and gestured at the bodyguards. Immediately, Dina was dragged out of the room by them.

"How heartless!"

Rita said sarcastically, the corner of her dry, pale lips soaked with blood. Dina had hit her so hard that she felt dizzy and was bleeding.

Darren looked as if Rita's sarcasm had not registered in his mind. His handsome face came close to her again and, raising his slender finger, he tried to wipe away the blood from the corners of her mouth.

As if trying to avoid the plague, Rita turned her head away from his approaching hand.

Darren smirked disapprovingly, with a sinister glimmer in his manic eyes. He pinched Rita's chin and forced her to look into his eyes. Then, he forced his lips onto hers in a diabolical kiss as he licked the blood from her lips with exquisite tenderness.

The more she struggled, the more presumptuous he became, and it was not until she made a retching sound that he let her go.


Having not eaten for several days, Rita retched but didn't vomit anything up. Her delicate little face had become even paler and fragile, like a sickly doll.

Yet, somehow Darren was not mad at Rita's reaction. From the bottom of his heart, he still felt protective of her.

"Are you all right?"

Darren asked without thinking. But his concerned tone made Rita even more nauseous. She couldn't stop vomiting.

"Get out of here! Don't… blargh... make me throw up..."

Rita's revulsion insulted Darren and his eyes beamed with fury. He looked like a demon trying to devour what was in front of him.

"Rita, I am warning you! Don't continue to insult me like this! Those unborn bastards you had with Dylan could be gone in a second if I wished it so!"

Darren was threatening her with her unborn babies, but she wasn't scared of Darren bullying her.

If Rita had been the only one here, she wouldn't care about what Darren would do


Ray told Jacob everything that he had just heard and seen. "I don't know who the man in the room is, but they also mentioned a name… Someone called Rita..."

"That man is Darren."

Jacob tried to suppress all his seething emotions and continued by saying, "You keep an eye on them. I'll be home right away."


Hanging up the phone, Jacob relayed Ray's words to David.

Hearing Rita's name, David felt like he was born again, but Jacob had the opposite emotion.

Rita and Emily were not together. Rita and her babies might be back in the country, but Emily was still missing.

But this was not completely bad news for them.

As long as they found Darren, they could find Emily too. What they had not expected was that Darren would return home. Michelle had seen him just a few hours ago.

However, Jacob and David controlled Jingshi City. It would be much easier to rescue Emily there than it was here.

"We'll go home right away."

David looked at Jacob intensely. Rita and her two babies could be in danger at any time.


Jacob was gloomy and his face held a deep and mysterious expression.


David was puzzled. If they returned home now, they could immediately save Rita and her babies. Why didn't Jacob want to do so at this time? Was it because of Emily?

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