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   Chapter 940 Demons Always Collude Together To Commit Evil Deeds

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7129

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'If I had been more careful in the beginning, they would not be in such a dangerous situation now.

Although it is a war between men, if the people I loved were the ones who ended up getting hurt, then even victory would mean nothing to me.' Both Jacob and David thought along the same lines.

Meanwhile, in Jingshi City.

Darren crossed his hands and legs as he sat on the leather chair with a smile on his face. He watched motionlessly at the people lying by his feet.

'Jacob and David would never believe that I would bring Rita and the kids to this city. What's more, Michelle just saw me in D Country, so she would never think that I am already back to Jingshi City.

Almost everything is going according to plan, and now, I only need to finish the last step.' Darren's resolve strengthened.

"Wake her up!" Darren's eyes were full of malice as a grim smile appeared on his face.

A bucket of icy cold water was poured over Rita's head. The sudden shock and coldness forced Rita to open her eyes. She subconsciously looked at her belly and felt relieved knowing that there was nothing wrong with the baby.

But the next second, she seemed to have remembered something as she began to look around with eyes wide open in fear. Rita found Dylan and Beryl tied together in the corner, still unconscious, but there was no sign of Emily in the big room.

"What happened to them? Where is Emily?"

Rita glared at Darren with anger and her amber eyes were reflecting his grim smile. If her hands and feet were not bound, she would have rushed forward to slap Darren's face.

"It is okay. They were given sedatives, so they are just asleep. But if I were you, I would worry more about myself and the baby in my belly."

Darren spoke in a casual manner, as if he was cracking some menial joke, but his eyes were full of malice.

"Where is Emily?"

asked Rita. Her eyes were starting to redden with each passing moment.

If anything happened to Emily, Rita would never forgive herself.

"Emily? I do not remember. I do not know the exact location of where my subordinate threw her away. I only know that it was a

for yourself?"

"Wow, you are such a tough woman!"

Dina walked over to Rita and looked at her from above. She raised Rita's pale face with her slender hands and stared at her with disdain.

"Demons always collude together to commit evil deeds!"

Rita spat on Dina's face, which caused Dina to scream in response. Dina slapped Rita on her face with full force.

Within a few seconds, Dina's palm left a red welt on Rita's pale face as she stared back at Dina in anger through the hair that was covering her face.

The determination in Rita's eyes made Darren lose his mind for one second as he stared at her closely like he was looking at someone else.

"Darren, look what she did to me!"

Dina wiped away the spit on her face with disdain on one hand and complained to Darren with tears on the other hand. She completely forgot how intimidating she had been when she had slapped Rita's face just now.

"You can be so annoying sometimes!"

The cold words came out of Darren's mouth. Within a second, a few guards showed up and pulled Dina out of the room by her arms.

They were so aggressive in their behavior that it seemed like they were catching a prisoner of war.

Dina looked at the guards pulling her away in panic and her eyes were full of anger. She yelled out loudly, "I am your boss's woman! How dare you treat me like this? Aren't you afraid that I will ask your boss to kill you all?"

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