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   Chapter 939 It Is A War Between Men

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"No... No! They were just with me! Why would they not be here now? They... Where are they?"

Emily murmured in panic, and her big, clear eyes dimmed as tears burst forth from them in a flood of anguish and confusion.


What on earth happened to them?

Rita... Beryl... Dylan... Where are you?!' she screamed at her own mind which was failing her as she could not remember what had happened to her dear ones.

The man became panicked at seeing Emily's tears and hurriedly sat up, and then he looked at Emily with mixed feelings.

Suddenly, Emily stood up with the aid of the stick and walked towards the door. However, she was so weak that she immediately fainted.

The man reacted quickly and, reaching out, he caught Emily in his arms. He easily carried her back to the bed and a strange look flashed through his eyes.

In D Country.

Jacob had developed his power-base on a global scale, so in their search for Emily, they came to D Country.

Even if Jacob and David knew Darren's whereabouts, David still did not want to return to the Xu Family.

Michelle swiftly arrived at the address which David had given to her. She opened the door to the study where the two men were engrossed in studying the array of video monitors which showed places where Darren might show up.

The atmosphere was tense and despondent, and so David tried to break the ice. "We are still looking for them," he said to Michelle.

"Still looking" meant that they had not gotten any news or even clues about the missing women and children yet.

'Darren, what a lunatic you are!' Michelle could not help but bleakly curse him in her mind. Darren had asked Michelle to kill David and said that if David did not die within the allotted time, Rita and the kids would be finished. This was not a welcome option, as Michelle knew how much Rita loved David. She could never hurt her sister's husband.

She thought of Beryl, Dylan, Rita, and the baby in Rita's belly. They were important to her and to both the men in the room.

"Darren contacted me and sent me a picture. But in the picture, I only saw Rita and the two kids. Emily wasn't there."

Michelle frowned sadly, and her large eyes turned to Jacob before she once again looked at the wall of computer screens.

"What did you say?"

Jacob was stunned and his cold eyes were arctic with a frosty intent.

'Emily was not with them? Then where is she? Does it mean that Darren already killed her? Or maybe Emily did not even come to D Country at all?' Jaco

Darren had been living here for many years, so he had recruited many spies to work for him. As a downside, if David used the power of the Xu Family, Darren might be more vigilant against them.

Then it would be more difficult for them to locate and rescue Rita and Emily. Therefore, David could only rely on Jacob's global powers for now.

Jacob shook his head gloomily. Darren seemed to have vanished into thin air as Jacob's subordinates had searched the whole city and still found nothing.

"As long as I do not kill David, Darren would be sure to connect with me. But... I cannot guarantee who would get hurt among Rita and the kids. So, we cannot risk their lives. I will leave to go and search for more possible locations where they might be kept. Please, can you let me know if you receive any news?"

Michelle's determined eyes were glittering with hope. David was Rita's husband, so she could never hurt him. What was more, even if killed David, Michelle did not believe that a devious person like Darren would keep his promise.


Jacob nodded his head seriously.

There was no better way available to deal with it now. They could not all stay here and wait. Right now, Rita and the kids were in danger, and Emily was also missing, so they really needed more time to find them.

But danger might come at any moment. Therefore, they could do nothing but take speedy action to find them.

Michelle threw a glimpse at David, who was sitting desperately in the corner, and then she quickly disappeared from the room.

The large room was once again silent. Both men were wearing gloomy faces and their eyes were filled with worry, regret and guilt.

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