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   Chapter 938 What Fate Means

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"Ariel, or should I call you Michelle? I do not even want to know what the deal between you and Darren is, but I can tell you that Rita has never done anything to harm you. For most of her adult life, Rita has been looking for you. As for the many things you have done, I do not have time to..."

David immediately spoke the truth as soon as Ariel answered the phone.

Rita had tried so hard to look for Michelle for so many years. David knew how much she had suffered for it. Now, Michelle was perhaps the only one who could find Darren.

"I know it!" Michelle interrupted David without waiting for him to finish speaking. Seconds later, she continued, "They have been taken by Darren and he will give them back to me. But there is one condition: I must kill you."

She had not had many opportunities to get to know David, but she knew that he loved Rita very much, and that Rita loved him too. 'If I had not shown up in their house, they would still be living a happy life now… It is me who has ruined everything...

It is my reckless impulsiveness which has led Rita and the children into danger…' Ariel finally perished in the glow of Michelle's remorse and slowly became who she had always been meant to be.

Michelle ached with self-blame, but she knew that this would not help her sister at all. She knew that she would have to ask for David and Jacob's help. Only then would it be possible for her to save Rita and the kids.

"David, where are you? I will come to meet you now. I will do everything I can to save my sister!"

Michelle stressed the word "sister," and her cold eyes were bright with determination. 'I have made many mistakes, but now I will try my best to make up for everything!' Michelle said to herself. The uncertainty, which had hung like a fog over her mind following her master's betrayal, vanished suddenly as her path was laid before her feet.

"I will send the address to your phone… And... If Rita knew that you were returning, she would be very happy," David said sincerely in a low voice.

Although David blamed Michelle in his heart, he still regarded her as his own sister as she was Rita's sister. Rita had been searching for her for too many years.

"Thank you." Michelle was stunned and her heart leaped suddenly as it began to thaw with the warmth which only family could bring.

She had never expected David's forgiveness, and she felt deeply touched as she knew David was doing all of this for Rita. Perhaps he could even forgive her for Rita's sake.

Hanging up the phone, David sent the address to Michelle. Fiercely blinking

obody but you,"

the man answered in a lazy tone as if he was tired and sleepy.

'Nobody but me? Then where are Rita and the kids? The man had said that there were beasts on the mountain. Maybe they have been eaten by beasts?!' She felt her heart begin to thump wildly at this thought.

Emily dared not think any further along these lines and she rushed up to the man anxiously as she demanded, "Where did you find me?"

The man felt a little dizzy having Emily so close to him, but he finally turned to look at her. "It is very far from here. Was there someone else with you? Do you want to go and find them?" he asked softly.


Emily quickly nodded her head as Rita and the kids were the most important people in her life. No matter how dangerous it was outside, she would risk anything to go find them!

"There was nobody but you where I found you. And it is not likely that the beasts had eaten them all. There would have been signs if that had happened... So I think the people you are looking for were not there,"

he said calmly and stared closely at Emily with a pair of clear eyes as if he had seen through her mind and into her soul.


Not there?

Then where are they?'

Emily was so puzzled by the disappearance of her dear ones that she did not notice the way in which the man was staring at her. She was oblivious to his intent gaze which lingered on her.

'So, she is Emily? She is the gentle, kind, and sweet Emily? No wonder there are so many people who like her...

I would never have thought that I would meet her in this life. What a coincidence that we should meet each other in the deep forest.

Maybe, this is just what fate means...' the man thought quietly.

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