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   Chapter 937 They Were Missing

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Agni breathed in heavily. It seemed that he was speaking to Darren. But Ariel, as his best student, knew without a doubt that Agni was speaking to her with these words. She could hear the sorrow and regret in his voice.

"So, do you regret that?" Darren asked with a smirk.

He pressed his lips moodily and his sharp eyes stared closely at Agni.

What Darren hated most was betrayal. Although Agni had not betrayed him, Darren still felt that remorse was also a kind of betrayal.

"Regret? No, I don't. If I had not done that, I would never have seen through my own heart... Hades, we are the same kind of people. We regard profit as the most important thing. But did you ever consider that we would one day, finally, pay for what we have done?"

Agni asked gently, and his eyes were sincere as they regarded Hades.

What had happened today was the price which Agni had to pay as he knew for sure that Ariel would come to find him. However, it was exactly this confidence and trust which made Agni finally realize what a terrible person he was. In the face of Ariel's devoted love for him, Agni had to own up to the fact that he really was not worthy of her love.

"Regard profit as the most important thing..."

Everything that Agni had said was like a knife stabbing into Ariel's heart. 'Agni, you are my master. You are my most venerable master!

Why? Why would you become such a person?

How could you sell me out for profit? Then was I always a tool for you to turn a profit? When I was young, Grant sold me to pay for his gambling debt! And now, my master had cheated me for profit, and even asked me to hurt my own sister!


What on earth did I do wrong to be cursed like this?' Ariel yelled in her mind.

Tears fell out of Ariel's eyes, and she barricaded her fragile heart. Weeping great torrents of agony, Ariel felt her tears splash down onto her hand, where they burned…

"What? Pay for it? It is they who should pay for everything! My elder brother died and I was barely lucky enough to escape from death. If I had not pretended that I was crippled, I would have suffered the same end as my own elder brother!" Darren stormed in frustration.

He suddenly stood up and his black eyes were iced over while the corners of his mouth hung in a cynical smile.

"I should never have been the one who had to pay for everything!

Did Nora and David even consider the price when they tangled with each other?

Did David ever consider the price which would have to be paid, when he sent men to orchestrate the accident which caused our elder brother's accident?

Did he think about the cost which would become due when

the children were not hurt. Darren was a lunatic and Ariel was afraid that he would hurt Rita and the children. What was more, Rita was pregnant, and in her fragile state, she could do nothing to protect the children.

"If you can find me, then that is okay. But… I am sorry that I cannot guarantee you the lives of these people right now. Life is so short, it could end at any time…" Darren hung up the phone as soon as he finished his threatening words.

Darren was sure that Ariel cared for these people's lives.

Therefore, though Ariel did not want to kill David, she now had no other choice. And Jacob would be sure to try and stop her. So no matter what the end would be, there was only one who could live, either David or Jacob.

Darren and Ariel had left Jingshi City in quick succession. Soon, David and Jacob had received the news that their wives and kids had been taken. They had searched the whole of Jingshi City but had not found any trace of them. There was only one possibility left, and it was that Darren had taken them away.

Therefore, both David and Jacob had come abroad to search for their wives and kids. What was more, they had somehow tracked Ariel down.

Ariel held the phone tightly after the call with Darren had ended, and her cold eyes were full of regret.

'If only I had been more careful and had researched everything at the beginning, I would never have hurt Rita. And they would never have been caught by Darren now...' Ariel blamed herself in mute sorrow.

Just then, David suddenly called her phone, and Ariel was a little surprised by his call as her phone was equipped with a trace-block. Ariel was taken aback that David had somehow traced her number and called her. 'How did he find me?' Ariel asked in her mind.

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