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   Chapter 936 The Truth Will Be Told

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Just as Ariel hesitated, footsteps sounded from beyond the door. The sound of many people converging on the room from all directions could be heard. Ariel immediately bounced up to the window sill. Stepping outside, she hid on the narrow ledge that ran under the window. Then, the inner door of the study snapped open and voices could be heard excitedly saying, "It's a woman. She hasn't gone far yet. Let's go!"

Ariel realized that the two guards who she had tied up in the secret room had somehow managed to activate the alarm system. This was why the guards and secret agents in the villa had all begun to search for her. If she didn't leave immediately, there was a good chance that she might be caught by these people soon. Her situation had become quite perilous suddenly.

She needed to make a quick decision now as she could not hide on this ledge forever. Even with the aid of the special device which allowed her to cling to the almost non-existent foothold, she would begin to tire soon. If she chose to give up looking for her master at once, she would be able to get out of here unnoticed and return home as free as a bird.

'But Darren is a prudent man. He would know it was me who came to rescue my master. Alas! Master might be in danger because of my coming here!' thought Ariel uncertainly.

After she had surveyed the grounds with her dark eyes, Ariel reached up and leapt to catch the corner of the roof, and she soundlessly lifted herself up to this new vantage point. This corner was a convenient place to hide. Moreover, from here, she had a bird's eye view of the whole villa and the distant manor house. She would be able to gather more intelligence from here and seek any further signs of her master.

Darren's bodyguards didn't stop searching for Ariel until the sun had set. When night fell and flooded the grounds in darkness, the villa finally became tranquil again. Ariel leaned her head against the wall and looked up at the moon which hung low in the sky, and she soon became lost in thought. There were so many memories which she had of her master.

She recalled the nights in the past, after the day's training was over, when her master would take her to the roof to watch the moon. He had told her many stories then to cheer her up, just like a loving father. Ariel's commitment to Agni was more than just duty or respect, for she felt a genuine love for him.

Later, when Ariel grew up, she was sent on more and more tasks and missions for the RT Organization, leaving less and less time for them to meet. Soon, the only matters that they communicated on were missions for the organization.

But in Ariel's mind, she always knew that Agni was her master, or rather, her father, regardless of the time and distance between them. She appreciated everything Agni had done for her.

With her hands clenched into fists of fury, Ariel took a deep breath to settle her impatience. Her gaze was steady and firm, and her deep black eyes shone bright and clear. She had made up her mind: 'I must save my master, now!'

Resolute now, Ariel carefully surveyed the whole layout of the manor grounds. At last, she narrowed down the possibilities to two villas where

y perceived that she had left home since he was also a group member in the RT Organization. He had the same counter camouflage skills as Ariel had. They were molded from the same play book. The moment that he had discovered she had disappeared, he had realized that she was coming for Agni.

"I've betrayed her! I've sold her out. Why would she come here for me?" Agni spoke in a woeful tone.

His eyes dimmed and then glittered with the pain of an intense regret which put him in low. spirits 'If only I hadn't lied to Ariel in the first plac.? Would there have been any chance that nothing would have happened today?' Agni mused sadly.

Now that it was crunch time, Agni felt regretful that the greed in his heart had caused harm not only to himself, but also to Ariel.

'Betrayed me? Sold me out?'

Ariel's heart skipped a beat and she was shocked at hearing her master's bitter admission of guilt. Shaking her head wildly, she tried to banish what she had heard. But inside her head, his words echoed, almost drowning out the little voice in her heart which kept telling her that he was not lying.

'If master has indeed betrayed me, then what has he done to me? And why did he ask me to come here then?' wondered Ariel in confusion.

Agni's eyes were now threatening to overflow with tears, and he lifted up his head to try and stem the flood of his grief. Nonetheless, out of the corner of his eye, Agni suddenly caught sight of the mark which Ariel had left next to his signal.

'It seems that the mark had been drawn in haste. Is Ariel still here then?' thought Agni with rising excitement.

Careful, lest Darren notice a change in him, Agni immediately calmed himself down and furtively wiped his eyes with his hand. Then, he looked at Darren with a bitter smile.

"Hades, we are in the same group and you know me. Ariel is my best apprentice. I know her well. She is a very clever and righteous girl. If she knows that I have helped you to fabricate lies to her, she won't forgive me… But a lie can never change the facts. One day, the truth will be told, eventually. I guess… She won't forgive me then..."

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