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   Chapter 935 The Truth

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10555

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Dina looked at Darren with large puppy eyes and her voice was affectedly sweet. If Darren were an ordinary man, he would have been easily charmed by Dina, and perhaps even have instantly lost his senses. But Darren was not like most men, and he remained unmoved by her charade.

"Darren, are you still angry with me?" she asked in a wheedling manner.

Dina humbled herself, hoping that Darren would show some sign of tenderness towards her. She stared tentatively at him, and carefully watched every detail of his expression and any actions which might follow. This was a game of cat and mouse, and mistakes would be costly to her.

"Don't do that ever again. Not everyone is as easily persuaded as Mr. Li," he said in a warning voice.

Darren furrowed his brows and became cranky because of Dina repeatedly trying to touch him. Paying her no further heed, he stared off through the window at the distant skyscraper in which the Bai Company was headquartered. A malicious expression haunted his bitter eyes.

"I see," she said obediently.

Despite her unwillingness and grievance at having been treated so badly, Dina merely nodded in obedience. Darren was her only backer, so it made no sense to annoy him. She had discovered from the conversation between Darren and Mr. Li that becoming a player of Billion Star Entertainment Group Limited was now her only hope to regain her former glory in showbiz.

So, no matter what Darren had done to her and would still do to her, Dina could only grin and bear it. After all, he was a handsome man and it was certainly better to be his woman than having to sleep with other disgusting men…

At the Xu Manor. On the day that Ariel left the Xu Manor, David and Jacob immediately received the news of her disappearance. Meanwhile, Ariel rushed to the headquarters of the Xu Clan as quickly as she could. She followed the directions given by Agni and arrived at Darren's villa.

There were lots of guards stationed in the headquarters of the Xu Clan, but Darren's villa was only loosely guarded. When Mr. Xu had discovered that Darren had returned to Z Country, he had asked his men to search for Darren. The guards assigned to guard the villa had all been sent off to China to look for Darren.

Hence, Ariel easily entered Darren's villa unnoticed. She went up to the third floor. She had planned her actions carefully, and the first thing that she intended to do was to rescue Agni, while the second was to check up on Darren. She needed more information about him if she hoped to discover the truth about her life.

According to her prior investigations, Darren's study was located on the third floor, but he seldom worked there. In consideration of that, and after destroying the surveillance cameras, Ariel gave up the idea of searching Darren's study. But then, just as she was about to move on, she saw a familiar mark on the door handle of the study. It was the same as the mark in the message from Agni.

Making sure that no one would notice her, Ariel shimmied out of the window of the corridor. Stepping carefully and with the balance of a dancer, Ariel deftly climbed into Darren's study th

al information. She also saw a contract signed by her father, Grant, with RT Organization. It was different from the false contract which Darren had shown to her previously. Her own name, Michelle, was printed on this contract instead of her sister's name, Rita. This was the real McCoy!

Darren had only told her half the truth. Ariel had now found evidence of Grant's involvement in the plot: the transaction record between him and RT Organization, and a positive match to his fingerprints from the contract.

It now appeared that Darren had tricked her. Her biological father, Grant, was the arch-criminal who had sold her to the RT Organization, and Rita was innocent. Ariel realized woefully that she had wronged Rita. Her sister, in reality, was a kind-hearted woman.

Ariel's mind was blown wide open, and her preconceived ideas fell away. A strong sense of guilt filled her heart. She bit her lips and whispered in a hoarse voice, "Rita, I'm sorry… I've wrongly blamed you..."

At this moment, Ariel, who had never before shed tears, was unable to restrain her impulse to weep. Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. After a while, she wiped away the tears from her face, took pictures of the document, and sent them to her electronic mailbox. After that, she stuffed the document into her inside pocket and strode out of the secret room.

She climbed out through the window and it was a few moments before her eyes became adjusted to the bright glare of the sunlight outside. Still searching for Agni, she quietly ghosted about the villa district and followed the marks left by Agni as she tried to find him.


Suddenly, her phone vibrated as a new message popped up on the screen: "Do not worry. I'm safe. Now you should return to Z Country." Agni's familiar mark was at the end of the message.

Ariel tapped on the screen of the mobile phone, trying to track the source of this message and figure out Agni's location, but she failed.

"Agni, where on earth are you?" Ariel looked about but found nothing. Her eyes dimmed as she felt a dark disappointment.

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