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   Chapter 934 A Mere Supplicant

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The middle-aged man got closer to Dina as she desperately twisted the handle to open the door. Suddenly, the door was opened from outside and a man pulled her into his arms.

She looked up in astonishment and saw his chiseled jaw speckled with short stubble. The man standing in front of her was handsome and shining with uncommon luster, like a prince who had come to rescue the damsel in distress. Darren's presence settled her nerves. She wrapped her arms around his waist, tears rolling down from her eyes like pearls on a broken string.

"Darren, thank goodness, you're here at last... He... He was trying to..." she tried to explain as her voice came out in choked sobs.

She looked at Darren with tear-soaked eyes, afraid that he would mistake her for an unscrupulous woman that had seduced this middle-aged man.

After all, she was the top escort of Star Entertainment Club and had slept with numerous men. If Darren were to believe that she had been seducing the man, it would be hard for her to explain herself to him.

"Mr. Li, she is just a naive girl. Please don't be so harsh on her!" he said softly.

Darren's lips curled up into a small, unobtrusive smile. In the dim light, his eyes were gleaming with an almost unholy relish, as if there was a demon that had woken up inside him.

Mr. Li looked at Dina and spat contemptuously over the side. The fat on his face jiggled in accordance to his movements.

"Humph! Darren, is this the woman you have prepared for me? I'll admit, she's a feisty one with a fiery temper," Mr. Li said.

'Darren knew about this? He wanted me to sleep with this ugly man?'

Dina looked incredulously at Darren, who was holding her in his arms. Although their bodies were bunched up together, it felt as though his heart was far away from hers.

At this moment, Dina felt like she had never really known who Darren was in person. Sometimes, he was like the spring sunshine, bringing her warmth and hope, illuminating the way forward for her. However, on other occasions, he was like a demon from hell, mercilessly dragging her into the depths of despair.

Unfortunately, she had always had a weakness for men who were contradictory and mysterious.

"Mr. Li, you must have misunderstood." Darren wore a faint smile with a tyrannical and haughty look on his face, as if he was a king and everyone should throw themselves down at his feet in the flat submissive posture of a mere supplicant.

In truth, Darren should have been the one currying favor with Mr. Li. However, all of a sudden, Mr. Li found himself feeling like a chessman in Darren's hands at th

th out of him. There was fear reflecting in her eyes, and her white, delicate face was as pale as a ghost.

Darren did not answer Dina's questions. He slowly detached her hand from his arm and walked toward the bed.

The air was thick with the pungent smell of alcohol and sweat left by Mr. Li, which made Darren feel sick.

Dina followed him and asked nervously, "Darren, what's wrong? What exactly happened? Tell me."

Darren was her only backer. Moreover, she had fallen in love with him. She was determined to find out the truth not only because she wanted to go back to showbiz, but because she loved this man. If everything that had happened with Mr. Li had been purposely arranged by Darren, she would be heartbroken.

"Nothing. Mr. Li came in here by accident," he replied casually.

Dina tried to rest her head against his shoulder. However, Darren moved away and walked to the French window. He looked out the window, which overlooked the whole city, with an indifferent look on his handsome face.

'Mr. Li came in by accident?'

Although Dina knew that it was a lame excuse, she didn't have the courage to refute it. She felt the coldness and exclusion that radiated from Darren. All she could do was bury her sadness and reluctance inside her mind and stay by his side without questioning him.

Dina bit her lips, on the verge of crying, but then she raised her head and tried hard not to shed even a single tear. It took her a while before she could hold back the impulse to cry. Then, she put on a smile and looked at Darren with a sincere expression on her face.

"Darren, I'm sorry but I didn't mean to hurt Mr. Li. He wanted to rape me. I was so scared... So, I picked up the lamp and hit him on the head..."

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