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   Chapter 933 A New Trick

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Rita didn't return to the Xu Manor and Ariel became deeply worried about her. Moreover, she wanted to finish her task here as soon as possible. So she couldn't wait anymore and frequently returned to the Xu Manor.

Ariel still doubted Darren's remarks. Her attempts to contact Agni had been in vain, as he seemed to have vanished into thin air. She couldn't help but begin to worry about his safety too.


Suddenly, her phone beeped and a new message popped up. She lowered her head and studied the screen. It showed a familiar address and a special mark. Ariel instantly recognized the mark because it was the secret signal between her and Agni. Her dark eyes frowned as her concern deepened.

She looked carefully at the address and recalled that it was the address of one of Darren's many properties abroad. Did Darren have something to do with Agni's disappearance?

After the many strange things that had happened, Ariel had gradually begun to take a rather skeptical attitude toward Darren. Obviously, this message was a distress signal from Agni. So, although she would expose herself if she left now, she had to go and rescue Agni.

Ariel soon made up her mind. She immediately left the Xu Manor and disappeared abroad. It would be hard to track her given her superior training at evasion and other tricks of the spy trade.

At Starry Night Entertainment Club. Darren was holding an expensive, top-grade cigarette between his forefinger and middle finger. He lit it, and the pale smoke which billowed from his nostrils like a dragon's fire gradually obscured his face and concealed his expression. He seemed to be ever the elegant nobleman.

Darren's handsome face and elegance charmed Dina, and in response, she leaned over him with an ingratiating smile and planted a red-lipped kiss on his thin lips.

"Darren, when can I start acting in a film or a TV show again? Last time, I dissed Emily openly but she just ignored me. My actions have done little to improve my career prospects. What's worse, Ray's team has also banned me from taking part in activities in showbiz now. I am in real trouble now."

Dina puckered her mouth up in discontent, like a needy child complaining about being bullied at school.

After having had so much contact with Darren over these past days, she had found that he was not a powerless dandy; instead, he was utterly unpredictable and dangerous. He was so powerful that she could easily regain her high status in showbiz, if he gave her his backing. And therein lay the problem.

Unfortunately, this man didn't show any intention of helping her. He ignored her anxiety and did nothing to assist her in pursuing her acting career again. Although she was well-dressed and attractive, she still lived in the shadows of her bad reputation. Dina was at his mercy, and he seemed almost unwilling to lift her back up onto the silver pedestal where she was accustomed to being.

"Take it easy," he said soothingly.

Darren reached out to catch Dina by her thin wrist and, like a sparrow on a sting, he drew her into his arms. Sh

uilt with his greasy hand before he pressed her down firmly beneath him. Dina could not believe what was happening!

"Ah... Get away from me... Let me go!"

she screamed. The man lowered his head to kiss her, but she slapped him across the face to stop him.

'I'm Darren's woman now. Darren is handsome and rich. Besides, I like him! Who is this man? And why would I ever, in a million years, have illicit sexual relations with a complete stranger?!' she thought to herself in a panic.

Dina thought that this fat middle-aged man was perhaps one of her former clients, so she instantly put up a fight to try and ward him off. She even scratched his face with her nails, drawing blood from his fat cheeks.

The middle-aged man had never encountered such fierce resistance from a woman before. Whenever he wanted to vent his desire, there were many willing young actresses who scrambled for the chance to please him and curry his favor. Dina was just a has-been, a washed-up actress. How dare she slap him?!

Pah! His face clouded over as he raised his meaty hand and heavily slapped Dina across the face. Her delicate white cheek instantly became red and swollen.

Holding her cheek, Dina looked resentfully at this man whom she didn't even know! However, he seemed to completely ignore her anger and outraged expression, and instead nibbled her naked bosom.

Dina resisted the urge to throw up and, groping around with her hand, found the bedside lamp. Grasping it, she hit the man over the head with all of her force.

The heavy blow temporarily stunned him, leaving his head buzzing. He fell down onto the bed next to Dina. By the time he regained some of his senses and got up, Dina had wrapped herself in a sheet and was running toward the door.

"Bitch! How dare you hit me?" Enraged, the middle-aged man wiped the blood off from his face and unsteadily trotted after Dina.

In the other room, Darren was monitoring Dina's every movement. And slowly, his lips twisted into a satisfied smile. He stood up and walked toward Dina's room.

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