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   Chapter 932 Waiting For Your Return

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David knew then that Rita hadn't forgiven him at all after mistakenly assuming that he was having an affair with Nora. However, he didn't regret keeping Rita from learning the truth, as it had been the only way of assuring her safety. He had decided to deal with Nora alone so that he could stop her from being a constant obstacle in his marriage.

If he hadn't sent Rita away from the hospital, Nora would have tried every means possible to hurt her and her unborn child. How could he do nothing and allow Nora to hurt his wife and the child in her belly?

To protect Rita, David had sent her away even at the cost of being misunderstood. If he could do it all over again, he would do the same thing without batting an eye. As long as he was alive, he would never allow anyone to hurt his wife and children.

"Rita, I want to talk to you about something that's been buried deep in my heart," David said seriously. He thought it was time to tell the truth.

Although he had seen through Nora's tricks, David still hadn't figured out the connection between Michelle and Darren. Before everything had settled down, the only thing David could do was to wait patiently and act with caution.

At this moment, all David wanted to do was to clear Rita's misunderstandings and tell her that he didn't care for Nora at all. No one could replace Rita's place in his heart.

Rita frowned and dropped her head as David spoke, letting her hair fall to conceal her beautiful but sad face. Sadness overwhelmed her like a flood. She wrongly assumed that what David was going to tell her must be some bad news that she had been dreading hearing from him.

'What does David want to tell me?

What could possibly be worse than hearing about his affair with Nora?' Rita thought to herself.

Rita thought about what had happened to her lately and she became even sadder. Her long-lost sister was still nowhere be found after Rita had learned that she was still alive. Her husband was having an affair with another woman who was carrying his illegitimate child. In a dramatic turn of events, she had found herself and Dylan forced out of their own home by David, the man who was supposed to take care of them.

Rita fought back her tears as she didn't want to lose her dignity in front of David. Perhaps this was her life and she was fated to be abandoned. She was a useless woman and couldn't win her husband's heart. Rita was interrupted by David while she was immersed deep in her thoughts.

"Rita, here you go. This is the evidence to justify my actions," David said as he opened a video on his cellphone.

David knew that no matter how hard he tried to explain himself, Rita wouldn't believe him. So, the only way he could change her mind was to show her evidence. There were video and sound clips which had been copied from the monitoring center of the hospital.

Rita took his phone reluctantly and froze the moment she saw the familiar face in the video.

The woman standing in front of Nora was none other than herself!

What the hell was going on? How could this happen?

She had been living in Tyrone Mansion for the p

Darren's suspicion. In that case, it would put Rita and even Jacob's family in danger.

David had to do everything cautiously and didn't dare to take any risks, even though he wanted to spend more time with Rita.

Rita paused for a while and then nodded at him, indicating that she understood why he would have to leave. Darren would soon be informed that Nora had an accident. So, David had to go back quickly and come up with ways to face the situation properly.

Rita knew Darren's true nature, so she needed to keep up her vigilance and firmly support David's disguise in front of Darren. From now on, she would fully cooperate with David and try to make sure that his plan was perfectly implemented. She wouldn't do anything that could threaten David's safety. She and her two children needed David to come back safe and sound.

"Okay, don't worry about me. I promise I will take care of myself. Just be sure to take care of yourself too!" Rita replied softly.

Rita looked at David and nodded at him firmly. She told him with her eyes that he could count on her to have his back. No matter what trouble they would meet in the future, they would shoulder it together and always trust each other.

They had been together for many years. Trust and having each other's undying support was the driving force behind their marriage.

David hadn't expected that Rita would give him so much support. He swore to himself that he would win this fight against Darren and Nora. "Stay here and wait for me. I will take you and Dylan back home soon!" David said to Rita affectionately and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

They hugged each other one last time before parting, wanting to stay in that moment forever. They didn't pull apart from each other until the last minute. After reluctantly bidding each other farewell, David left.

Rita stood by the window and watched as David drove off in his car.

'Me, Dylan, and this little thing in my belly will wait for your return, my love. You must take care of yourself and come back to us safe and sound!' Rita murmured to herself.

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