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   Chapter 931 David's Visit

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"Yes, he is my..." David hesitated. Darren was a cunning man. Difficult life experiences had made him more sophisticated than David. David had been cheated by his brother on more than one occasion before, so he decided to think everything through this time. He could not afford to fall into the same trap again.

Darren's name was like a jagged knife penetrating David's heart, making it bleed with each movement. David felt tortured and gave it all he had to get rid of the miserable feeling.

They were brothers. There was a natural kinship between them. So why had they been hurting each other?

Could money and power really be more important than kinship for the two brothers? Could they really give up on their own family just to sate their selfish desires, even at the cost of their relationship getting severed forever?

"It's true that Darren is your brother by birth. But he stopped being a brother to you when he ruthlessly hurt you and your family. Do you understand? Get this fact through your head!" Jacob warned. Jacob looked at David coldly. He was reminded of the relationship between him and his own family members.

Jack and Mr. Gu were Jacob's family members, indeed. But they were not worthy of being respected after they had hurt Emily, the woman he cared about the most. When they had crossed that line, they had stopped being his family and become his enemies from that moment onward.

Jacob had learned a harsh lesson from them that there was no such thing as a perpetual friendship, nor a perpetual familial relationship. Jack and Mr. Gu were not his family, they were his sworn enemies.

It was the same with Emily. She had regarded the Tao Family as her real family, but how had that turned out? In the end, it was her family members who hurt her so badly. So, Jacob never believed that the bond between family members was unconditional. As long as there was love between two strangers, their relationship would be firmer than any blood relationship.

"Okay. I will," David replied in a lower voice.

David nodded to Jacob with a grateful look on his face. As his best friend, David understood that Jacob only wanted what was best for him.

Darren and David were brothers who had grown up together. They shared the same childhood memories and had supported each other before. They shared the same blood of their mother in their bodies. But somehow, they had ended up estranged and had even become enemies. At this thought, David's heart broke with disappointment.

Jacob understood that it would be a hard choice for David to make. No matter how many comforting words he said right now, it would not be enough to save David from his miserable thoughts. Jacob, however, believed that David would know that he had made the right choice sooner or later.

After their conversation, David decided to go back to Tyrone Mansion with Jacob to visit Rita.

Tyrone Mansion was a quiet place for Rita to rest in. With Dylan and Emily for company, Rita gradually got out of her gloomy mood. She looked much better than she had in the hospital.

When Jacob and David arrived, Emily and Rita were busy cooking in the kitchen. Rita walked in and out of the kitchen as she helped Emily with the cooking. Her body was clumsy but still swift. Seeing that she had recovered very well, David felt relieved. It seemed that it had been the perf

hat Rita had a balanced and healthy diet. He figured that Jacob and Emily wouldn't mind his behavior.

But did Rita really care about what Jacob and Emily thought of him? Or did she dislike him even more for putting her in an awkward situation?

"Okay. I won't do it anymore," David apologized quickly.

Rita made no response but she began to eat the food David had gotten for her. Judging by that, it seemed as though she was willing to accept his apology.

Apart from the short conversation, Rita didn't talk to David the entire time. Rita was behaving as if nothing had happened, but David could clearly feel her indifference toward him, which made him nervous.

He assumed that this was the calm before the storm. He was nervous that a storm was coming and knew that he should prepare for it.

In order to leave more room for Rita and David, Emily and Jacob asked to be excused and took the two children outside after the meal. There was only Rita and David left in the empty room.

Having realized that David had no intention of leaving, Rita stood up first and was ready to walk away. But after a few steps, she suddenly stopped and turned back to face David, and said, "I want to have a word with you in private. Let's go to a quiet place."

There were many maids in the mansion who were walking back and forth cleaning the dining table and bringing the dishes back to the kitchen. As the saying went, "Domestic shame should not be published." House-maids were usually the source of most gossip. To avoid that, Rita decided to go to her room and speak with David there.

David was surprised that Rita was finally willing to talk with him and stood up immediately to catch up with her.

Rita closed the door of her room after David entered and stopped at the bedside. "I guess you have some words for me. Speak them now and then you can leave," Rita said expressionlessly.

As the due date was drawing closer, Rita felt tired easily and spent more and more time sleeping.

David noticed her weariness and walked over to help her sit down, but she stopped him in his tracks. Rita's eyes were full of disgust and she didn't want to be touched by David. Her brusque refusal felt like a knife cutting into David's heart.

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