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   Chapter 930 You Have Been Hoodwinked

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Again, Rita's indifference and sarcasm deeply cut Nora to the quick.

"Rita, do you know how stupid you are really being? Do you think that getting married to David and having a child with him could help you to control him forever?"

Nora smiled sarcastically. Her eyes were no longer flooded with tears, but were filled with pride and an air of superiority.

"You are wrong. David is a man who is full of piss and vinegar. He only uses you to pull the wool over people's eyes! Do you know why he keeps me at his side time and again?"

Nora rubbed her rounded belly, slowly and victoriously raised her eyes. She walked toward Rita step by step, and enunciated slowly, "Because he loves me... He loves my soft body. He enjoys the pleasure of having sex with me, and the fun of betraying you!"

The biggest game between women was their rivalry for men, especially when they admired the same man!

"Stay away from me, you disgusting bitch!" Rita retorted in revulsion. Although she felt cheeked and nauseated by Nora, Rita's dark eyes flashed a brief trace of calm and clarity.

'The fish is hooked, ' she thought contentedly.

"Disgusting? If I'm disgusting in your eyes... Then what about the man who makes love to me first, and then goes back home to have sex with you? Isn't he disgusting, huh?"

Nora's brown eyes gleamed with triumphant arrogance. She spoke without shame as a flagrant smile curled her lips into a horrid grin. Her face had taken on an almost unholy light as she tormented her rival.

Nora knew which was the best way to get Rita riled up.

In her mind, Rita was just a bimbo, a plain Jane that could never hold a candle to her. Only a few words had already managed to provoke all of Rita's fighting spirit. She pretended to be fierce and tough, but in fact, she was a yellow-bellied coward.

Deviously, Nora believed that by describing her lewd affair with David, she could rattle Rita's cage.

And as expected…

After Rita heard what Nora said, she could no longer keep calm. With violently trembling hands, she became like an angry, crazed animal as she gazed at Nora. It was as if she would tear into Nora at any time. Violence seemed imminent!

"Shut up!"

Rita screamed hysterically while she clenched her fists in impotent rage. It seemed that she was about to lose all control and attack Nora.

Nora was satisfied with her handiwork and she sneered at Rita's response. She twisted her bright red lips into a wicked smile of triumph, and then she h

words, Nora fainted immediately in the pool of her own blood.

David and Jacob stepped out from the corner, where they had been hiding, and looked at the so-called "Ariel." They saw her remove yet another mask from her face, and this time, her original face was completely exposed.

She was neither Rita nor Ariel!

"Mr. Gu and Mr. Xu, it is as you required," the woman reported truthfully and handed over the recording pen from her pocket to Jacob.

Jacob nodded. "Contact Sam, and you will get what we agreed upon. After that, I hope that you can forget what happened today and return to being an ordinary woman."

The woman nodded silently and left without hesitation.

David looked down at the wicked woman lying in the pool of blood with mixed feelings. Finally, he waved his hands and summoned his bodyguards to help Nora.

After Nora had been taken to the hospital, he shrugged and turned to Jacob while slowly saying, "Killing two birds with one stone. A good strategy."

Through this simple test, they had finally discovered for certain the relationship between Nora and Darren, as well as the relationship between Ariel and Darren. What was more, they had solved the troublesome problem of Nora too.

Jacob frowned and his mouth curved down in disapproval. "If Darren lost contact with Nora, I think he would quickly find out what has happened to her. So next time, we need to be more prepared."

Since Darren had come here prepared, it was impossible for him to have counted only on Nora and Ariel. Besides, Nora meant nothing to him. Therefore, they could bet that Darren would have more tricks up his sleeve for their next encounter.

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