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   Chapter 929 A Vain Disguise

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 12358

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"Rita, how... How are you feeling today?" David also noticed that something was wrong with Rita, but he had to pretend as if nothing had happened and steer the discussion away from her weird behavior.

Rita lowered her eyelids and had an almost imperceptible change in her expression. "Nothing. I am fine!" she replied in a low voice.

However, her every expression showed that she was not fine at all and even a child could see that. In truth, Rita was deeply annoyed by the fact that David had been keeping secrets from her and she couldn't tolerate the fact that he had been caring for another woman.

She wanted to express all her dissatisfaction about his, but every time she tried, she'd change her mind just as the words were on the tip of her tongue. She felt even more annoyed at herself for not knowing what to do or where to start.

"Rita, I have something important to discuss with you." David cleared his throat. He decided to break the silence after taking a long breath.

The issue David was going to discuss was directly related to the Rita's safety, so he didn't take this issue lightly.

"I am listening," Rita replied. Her face had an expression of absolute serenity, but the gleam in her eyes revealed her anticipation.

Did David want to come clean about his relationship with Nora?

"Do you mind taking care of Dylan for a while? I...I hope it wouldn't be a problem. I am going to go abroad, but please rest assured that I will be back as soon as I can. I have asked Jacob and Emily to take care of you and Dylan while I am not here. Dylan misses you very much. I think it will be a good opportunity for him to spend more time with you."

David's voice was soft and he spoke in a conciliatory tone. He averted her eyes after seeing the obvious disappointment in Rita's face. David didn't wanted to tell Rita the truth because the thought of putting her through pain again felt cruel and unfair to him.

He wouldn't mind sharing everything with Rita, except for this secret. How would she react it if she discovered the terrible truth? David didn't want to see Rita feel sad because of him.

"Are you hiding something from me, David? Of course I can take care of Dylan, but I think this has more to do than that. Am I right? You're not telling me the whole story. David, I know you!" Rita cast a stern glance at him.

She tried hard to stop her hands from trembling as she stared at David, who had been averting her eyes during the whole conversation. That convinced Rita that there was something else he wasn't telling her. Could it be about Nora?

Rita presumed that asking her to help take care of Dylan was just an excuse. David's real purpose was to keep her distracted so that she would have no time to interfere in his private life. That would give him plenty of time to stay with Nora.

'Nora! Why do you keep appearing in my life?

Can anyone tell me why? No! You won't succeed!' Rita thought to herself angrily.

Rita didn't want to just give in to that woman. She got furious at David for making such a ridiculous request without feeling any guilt. At this thought, tears rolled down from Rita's eyes.

"Rita, I need you to know that everything I do is for you and Dylan. I will always be the man who protects you. You can trust me! I promise that I will never betray you. What I am doing now is for the good of our children, for you, and for myself. You will come to understand this in the future!" David explained softly.

Judging by the look in Rita's eyes, he could tell that she felt wronged by him. David felt helplessly heartbroken at the sight of her tears. He couldn't help reaching out his hands to wipe the tears from her face,


After the nurse informed Nora about the examination, Nora touched her swollen belly with the hint of a smirk on her face. She thought to herself that David would have to appear on Monday and she would then have her golden opportunity to meet David.

Waiting patiently outside the examination room, David supported Rita with his hands and took care of her. One could easily notice her swollen belly even though she was in a slightly baggy hospital gown.

At the sight of this scene, Nora stood still in the corner and tears swirled in her eyes. The closeness and intimacy between David and Rita drove Nora mad with jealousy.

At the same time, two hospital guards went over to Nora as they talked to each other. "I heard that the monitoring equipment broke down. The monitoring system will not restart until this afternoon. What a bad news!"

Nora wiped her tears quickly and focused on their conservation with a twinkle in her eyes. She told herself that God was always at her side and that now, He had created another opportunity for her just when she was at the point of disappointment.

A few minutes later, David received an urgent call and had to leave Rita alone. He explained to Rita and then rushed out of the hospital quickly, leaving Rita outside the examination room alone.

Nora hid at the corner and waited until the time was right. She adjusted her emotions and pretended to walk toward the examination room with a painful look as if something was wrong with her.

Rita was surprised to see Nora here. She looked at Nora coldly and asked, "Nora? What a coincidence! Lately, I keep seeing you everywhere as if you're my shadow. Have you been following me?"

"I didn't know you were also here. I... I am here for the prenatal examination. You... You are thinking too much. There is nothing between David and me. Please don't be so suspicious." Nora pretended to be wronged.

She bit her lips and forced herself to squeeze out a few tears. Her facade made the other pregnant women around them believe that she was the weak one and that Rita was the one being rude to her. Suddenly, Nora bent over and put her hands over her belly painfully.

"Enough, Nora. You are a great actor! I almost believed you! I was stupid before and I am still stupid for always believing you so easily! But I won't fall for your tricks anymore!" Rita murmured, smiling bitterly.

"There's no one here besides the two of us, so stop pretending, okay?"

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