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   Chapter 928 A Woman's Intuition

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Darren again!'

The mere mention of his name drove David up the wall, especially after he had discovered that Darren was behind all the bad things that had happened to his family.

"I had you hidden in a good place. How did he find you?" Although David was agitated and frustrated, he still managed to calm himself down and contemplate upon the situation that had presented itself to him. Soon, he found a clue in her words.

Since he felt guilty every time he saw Nora, David had appointed a few of his men to watch over and protect her before the truth was finally revealed.

On one hand, David was afraid that what Nora had said was true. And if so, it was his duty to protect Nora and her child.

On the other hand, if what Nora had said was a lie, the men assigned by David to protect her had already placed her under strict surveillance so that the interaction between Nora and Darren could be cut off. Either way, Rita would be safer because of this.

'Then, how did Nora get out of that heavily-guarded hospital?' David wondered. If Nora hadn't shown up in front of him, David and his men wouldn't even have known that she was gone.

'How terrifying it is if Nora has conspired with Darren to turn against us. Doesn't it mean that we know nothing about what they have done?'

In an instant, David cast a bone-chilling glance at Nora as his sharp eyes darkened and his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

"He has found me. I'm telling you the truth. He knows where I am!" Nora was panicking like a startled bird. She looked very piteous and fragile as tears ran down her cheeks while she tried to convince David. Judging by the expression on her face, it seemed that fear and anxiety had nearly consumed her from the inside.

David fixed his gaze on Nora. The light in his eyes were cold enough to freeze hell ten times over. He tried to find some inconsistencies in her expression and words, but to his disappointment, he didn't find anything.

Nora, who had caught a glimpse of David with the corner of her eyes, noticed that he was looking at her skeptically. Clearly, he wasn't fully convinced, so she hastened to pull out a letter from her pocket and explained in tears, "I found this letter this morning in my ward. It is from Darren. You are his brother and you know that this is his handwriting. If he can send me this letter and leave it in my ward without anybody knowing about it, he can easily kill me and my child at any time!"

David still doubted the credibility of her words as he took the letter from Nora's hand. The letter had been cr

tal now, especially the monitor in Nora's ward. Find out how she managed to get out of your control and how Darren sent a letter to her room without anyone noticing it!"

"Yes, sir!"

The bodyguard answered immediately. The minute he hung up the phone, they began their investigation.

David looked at the direction where Nora was taken with his dark eyes. His face was clouded over by a gloomy mood.

No matter what had happened between Nora and Darren, it was true that this letter had been sent by Darren or his men.

David concealed all of his emotions before he walked into the ward where Rita was resting. 'I don't care whether Nora's words are true or not. I only care about my love. Keeping Rita safe is my first priority, ' thought David.

Meanwhile, the first thing David saw was her lean and fine figure the moment he pushed the door to her ward open. She stood beside the window like a delicate flower in the wind.

David strode over to Rita at once and held her gently in his arms. He softly whispered in her ears, "How did you get out of bed? It's cold outside. Let's go to the bed, all right?"

Rita didn't say a word, but she walked to the bed with David's help. Although they were close enough, her heart was still far away from him. When she had stood beside the window, she had seen a sneaky figure follow David inside the hospital.

A woman's intuition had made Rita realize that this figure was Nora. What was more, it took only three minutes to get to her room from the gate of the hospital, but David had taken ten minutes to get here. This reasoning assured Rita that David had been with Nora just now.

With her heart bleeding in pain, Rita felt out of breath around this man.

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