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   Chapter 927 Good Girl Beryl

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Although Emily shared the same view as Jacob, she was still worried about Rita and would spare some time to visit her in the hospital from time to time. Soon, it seemed as though Rita's condition got better with David around to keep her company, away from the reaches of the Xu Family.

Rita told Emily that she wanted to see Dylan as the boy had been unhappy without his parents in his life. Fortunately, Emily said yes to Rita's request without a moment's hesitation.

On the weekend, Emily took Dylan and Beryl to the hospital to visit Rita.

It was very quiet in the hospital. Far from the usual adorable and gentle boy, Dylan seemed a little sulky as he knew that his mom was sick and he was going to meet her in a hospital.

Emily had minor regrets after bringing Dylan here, but it was already too late. Since they were already at the hospital, Emily decided to carry on with it with high hopes.

"Mommy, if we all go inside together, will we disturb Aunt Rita and her baby?" Beryl asked. A feeling of concern clouded over her little round face.

Beryl had always known Rita to be the strongest woman in the woman. For some reason, she felt as though her Aunt Rita was stronger than her own mother.

"It's all right. Besides, Aunt Rita misses you and Dylan very much. But she is a little weak right now, so you two will have to behave yourself, okay?"

Emily stroked Beryl's hair, but when her eyes fell upon Dylan, whose face was pale and stern, she felt sorry for him as he seemed much more mature now.

Dylan was still a boy. No matter how hard he tried and how thoughtful he was, he could barely conceal the nervousness of seeing his sick mother.

"Dylan, my dear. Your mommy is fine. Don't you worry. Let's get inside, shall we?"

Emily asked Dylan as she squatted down and straightened Dylan's clothes for him with her own loving hands. Her eyes displayed deep feelings of care and tenderness.

"All right."

Dylan nodded firmly. He gripped the corners of his pants and was about to take a step, as if he was putting a lot of effort into his movements. Beryl noticed a difference in Dylan's demeanor today. With her eyebrows furrowed, Beryl strode over to Dylan and took his hand to give him encouragement.

"Let's go. I'll be with you!"


d Dylan an explanation, but at the moment, he had to keep Dylan away from him for the sake of his well-being.

"Dylan, listen to what Emily and Jacob say. Daddy and Mommy will take you back home soon..." David looked at Dylan with tenderness and guilt in his eyes.

Dylan, upon seeing his father, pined away a little bit, and then nodded in agreement.

"Rita is resting, you might as well go inside now."

David was about to say something more when Emily interrupted him. 'There is no need to say anything else or make any other promises. Actions speak louder than words, ' thought Emily.

"All right."

David knew that there was no point in saying anything else, so instead he swallowed his thoughts down. When he said goodbye to them and entered the hospital, all of a sudden, Nora showed up and stopped him at the corner.

"David, finally! At long last, I've found you!"

Nora's face was all covered up, which is why David didn't recognize her until she started talking.

"What are you doing here?" David asked her coldly as his face turned grim in an instant.

David had deliberately placed Nora in a different hospital from the one where Rita stayed because he was afraid of hurting Rita's feelings. As a result, he was shocked to see Nora show up here. 'How did she find out that Rita is in this hospital?' David wondered.

Nora looked both surprised and panicked. Her voice sounded tight and her eyes were full of fear. "I've been looking for you for a long time, David. Darren has found me!"

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