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   Chapter 926 A Lifetime Together

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At the same time, Jacob hoped that Emily could understand the underlying meaning of his words. 'In our lifetime, parents keep our company for the former part of our life, and children the latter part, while only a spouse spends a lifetime together with us.'

Emily's long eyelashes fluttered as she was overwhelmed by mixed emotions, both bitter and sweet. Needless to say, she had understood Jacob's implication.

Her bitter feelings were attributed to the fact that she knew she could only spend a certain amount of time in her life with Beryl and Bowen, and the sweet feelings came in knowing that she was able to spend her whole life with her beloved, Jacob.

'A person's entire lifetime is but a dot in time, so in this short journey, the only thing we can do is to live in the moment and value everything around us with gratitude, ' Emily mused.

Jacob held Emily in his arms tightly. With his thin lips getting closer to her ears, he whispered to her in a pleading and promising tone, "Emily, this life, the next life, and all the lives after that... Be with me forever, okay?"

'I've found the love of my life, Emily. What more could I ask for!' Jacob thought.

Tears obscured Emily's vision and tightened her throat. She curled up the corners of her rosy lips in happiness and tried to hold her tears back. She nodded vigorously and held him back tightly as if she would lose him if she didn't do so.

The lovers embraced each other like they didn't want the moment to end before they finally pulled apart.

Meanwhile, David had just set Rita down to have some rest before he left the ward and walked into the next room. This private hospital was owned by the Xu Group, so in case of disturbing Rita, David decided to check the USB drive Jacob had given him in the next ward.

Inserting the device into the computer, David found that there were four folders on the screen, named 'Shares', 'Assets', 'Contacts' and 'VT Organization' respectively.

With his eyebrows furrowed, David first opened the last folder. In this folder, there was detailed information about VT Organization, including the code names of its group members. Under the file named 'Ariel, ' David saw a photo of Michelle, all the things she had done for the organization, and her life experiences.

After he carefully read through the information about Michelle, David clicked back to the 'VT Organization' folder and checked every other file in it. When he clicked open the last unnamed file with curiosity, Darren's face showed up on the screen.


The sight of Darren's picture sent David's head reeling back in utter shock. 'Does this mea

s. They were all doomed and there was no way they would die a natural death. 'Agni is too simple-minded and foolish to even dream about it!' Darren shook his head contemptuously.

"Right..." Agni let out a long sigh of exasperation. He didn't reply to Darren. Instead, he sat down on the chair beside him and gazed at the view in the distance, eyes shimmering.

'I don't care about what happens to me, but what about Ariel?' Agni's only concern was for her.

"Keep an eye on him!"

Darren commanded coldly with his thin lips. He took a glance at the old man, who had stopped struggling and now maintained a strangely calm disposition. A sense of complacency filled his mind.

'Those who obey me will thrive and those who defy me will die. It doesn't matter whether it is David or Jacob, Nora or Ariel, or anyone else in this organization. They mean nothing to me!' thought Darren with a smug face.

Soon after Darren left, Agni took a glimpse at his back. He was a little terrified now, eyes widening with fear.

The reason why Agni had agreed to deceive Ariel in the first place was because he had wanted to be rid of Darren once and for all. But now, he found himself neck deep in a family feud where it seemed that if Ariel were to make one wrong decision in the Xu Family, not only would she die, he would, too!

'Darren is wicked and merciless. I can't just sit here doing nothing, waiting for death to come and take me. I need to do something to save myself as soon as possible, ' Agni thought. But then, he realized that he was heavily guarded and being watched closely. Even if he managed to escape, Darren would certainly have other plans in motion for him. Thus, the only thing he could do was to hope for Ariel to make the right choice.

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