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   Chapter 925 I Only Desire To Own Your Heart

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8671

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David gave an ironic smile and sadness flashed through his eyes but disappeared swiftly. He never was one to wear his heart on his sleeve.

'Darren, if you wanted the Xu Consortium, all you had to do was ask! But you should never have plotted against me like this again and again!' David raged in his heart. When Darren had told David that he would leave Z Country, David had thought that his brother had finally admitted his mistakes. However, now, it seemed like it had been nothing but a trick!

"No use being sorry now."

Jacob did not know how to comfort him, but he looked at David for a while, and then took out a USB drive from his pocket and held it out to David.

"Since what happened last time, I have been secretly watching Darren. But he seemed to do nothing for a long time, so I did not pay much attention to him, either. But he suddenly returned to Z Country a week ago, and I found out that Ariel was in league with him. Then I did a little more digging, and discovered many disturbing things!"

Jacob had once thought that Darren just felt aggrieved with David because David had become the heir of the Xu Family. However, after thorough research, Jacob had found that there was much more to it than that. As they said, "The plot thickens."

Darren neither cared for the Xu Consortium nor his brotherhood with David. Jacob could not figure out what was going on in Darren's twisted mind, and did not know what he wanted, either. But everything pointed to the fact that what Darren really wanted was directly related to David's family. There was almost an obsessiveness to Darren's actions.

David accepted the USB drive with a worried expression and grasped it tightly in his hand. 'No matter what Darren wants, I will protect the people that I love and the people who love me!' David comforted himself as he set his jaw. His own family would come first, namely, Rita and Dylan, and now their unborn child.

In the ward, Rita lay limply in the bed, like a lifeless doll with no spirit. For no apparent reason, Emily felt that the silence had become too overwhelming right now. She coughed, simply to hear a human voice.

Rita was always a tough and healthy girl. She had always had a resilient spirit! When she was pregnant with Dylan, she had even dared to escape from A Country to Z Country. 'How did she come to this point?' Emily wondered helplessly.

Hearing the sound, Rita slowly opened her eyes and her dry lips parted slightly as she tried to smile. The weak attempt at forcing a smile was like a dagger into Emily's heart, and Emily leaned closer to her

ters will always share their joy and sorrow with each other!

Hmph!' Emily's mind was roaring indignantly.

"Emily, Rita is still pregnant… What's more, we are not doctors. If something should go wrong with her, what could I do? How could we compare with professional doctors? We cannot give her the care that she needs. And you also saw that Rita could not control herself just now. And I do not know what I would do if you were to get hurt… If we take her to Tyrone Mansion, what would we do if she hurt the children by accident? As for Dylan, no matter how obedient and mature he is, he is still just a child. If he saw his mother like this, he would be devastated... Therefore, after weighing up the pros and cons, the best choice is for us to take Rita home after she gets better,"

Jacob patiently explained to Emily.

Jacob also had more selfish motives, which was that he did not want to see Emily getting hurt. But he also thought about Rita and the children.

From Rita's perspective, Jacob also believed that she would want David to accompany her.

Hearing Jacob's logical explanations, Emily suddenly realized that she had acted rashly just now. To cover up her embarrassment at jumping the gun in judging Jacob, she wrung her hands tightly together. Finally, Emily smiled shyly at Jacob.

Jacob smiled tolerantly and, stepping up to her, pinched her nose lightly. "I know you are worried about Rita, but we are just her friends. David is the one who will walk through the rest of her lives with her. She is, after all, his wife, so David is her closest family. What we can do now is to be there for them and help them when they need us, and that is enough," he said gently and with great wisdom.

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