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   Chapter 924 Some Clues

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After weighing up the pros and cons, Jacob decided to let David off the hook to win his wife's happiness.

David glared at Jacob in disbelief and then turned back in an attempt to explain to Emily. "I am still searching for the reasons, and I will give you and Rita an answer as soon as possible."

"Look at Rita! She is already in the hospital now! Why do you still need to search for reasons?! What you should do now is protect her and keep that evil bitch away from her! You should give Rita a life of peace, a life without Nora! What's more, you do not owe anyone an answer. I just hope that you will not do something that you will regret for the rest of your life!"

Emily took a deep breath to try and deflate her anger. She was ready to spontaneously combust if she did not find a way to let her anger go.

David did not feel angry with what Emily had said. On the contrary, he suddenly had a glimmer of hope in his eyes as he turned to look at both Emily and Jacob. "I might need your help now. Could you please take Rita to your home for a while? I still cannot find out what possible reason there could be for Rita's sudden mental disorder, and I suspect that there may be something in our home which is poisoning her!" David pleaded, as he really had no other way of ruling out an environmental factor which was perhaps driving his wife mad!

"You have just reminded me of when Tyron had once controlled my thoughts, and even my dreams, with a special kind of medicine that he added into a perfume... Maybe Nora has done the same to Rita and that is why Rita is acting so strangely!" Emily ventured a guess, though the mere thought of Tyron's perfume caused her to have goosebumps. It had been such a violation of her humanity to be manipulated into losing her senses.

However, if such a kind of medicine was indeed being used, then it was impossible that only one person knew how to use it. Rita's mental disorder, in essence, seemed to be the same as Emily's condition had been.

Jacob also nodded his head gravely to show his agreement with Emily's words. 'Rita's situation is similar to what Emily's had been before, so maybe it is caused by the same reason but with different medicines, ' Jacob thought to himself, his eyes also distant as he recalled the pain of having seen Emily in that befuddled state.

"Jacob, if Rita and Dylan could stay in your home, I would feel so much more relieved," David said firmly as if he had already made up his mind.

'What I need to do right now, is to keep Rita away from any dangerous people and things, ' David thought quietly, as he began to plan his way forward against the perpetrator who was threatening his wife's very sanity.

"Rest assured, please! We will take good care of them," Jacob assured him. "But I hope that you can deal with Nora as soon as possible! No matter what the reason was, everything that has happ

e even more concerned by what could possibly be such a sinister and evil plot. His instinct was to protect his wife, at all costs.

If Michelle had really come to take her revenge on Rita, David truly could not imagine what Rita would do once she knew everything...

"Seven days ago, Michelle and Darren showed up at the same club. That same evening, Ray and Dina were also in that club,"

Jacob said in a calm voice as if he were just mentioning the weather, then he continued explaining, "The news about Ray and Dina also came from this club. So, it was impossible for Ray to deny this news. And Darren had just wanted to use the media circus about them to cover up the news of him returning to Z Country!"

David grew pale, while his black eyes darkened like a brewing storm. He had also read the news of Ray and Dina. But concerned with Rita's illness, he had not paid much attention to it. Now, it seemed that things were not as simple as they had appeared. A master hand seemed to be manipulating all the players into position from the shadows. Although the plot was not yet clear, David was resolved that he would not let anyone harm Rita.

He felt lost in a misty forest, where his own senses had been turned against him, and he could not find the way out to the light.

"Yes!" Jacob nodded his head to show his agreement to David's unspoken concerns.

Actually, Jacob had immediately suspected that Nora might seek to do something to harm David's family, so he had sent people to watch David's house. Therefore, he had been informed by his watchers that Ariel had sneaked out of the house at night and had then tracked down Darren.

Now that Michelle knew that Darren had returned to Z Country, maybe they knew each other from before or maybe they hid some unspeakable secrets. This would explain why Michelle stayed with Rita but did not choose to recognize her!

"Darren... He still has not given up!"

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