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   Chapter 923 My Girl Is Angry

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9069

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'This is the essence of human beings! The love between families and couples is nothing but an illusion. Only when people meet real difficulty do they show their true nature.

Darren is one example and Rita is another!' Ariel thought to herself.

"Three days from now, I will come to you!" Taking all of the files which Darren gave to her, Ariel determined a date with Darren and quickly left his room.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with Darren's claims but Ariel still needed to check it out for herself. As the saying went, "Trust, but verify."

Darren crossed his arms while watching Ariel leave the room, and his lips curved upward in an expression of deep satisfaction. 'I have perfectly arranged everything this time. Ariel will not possibly find out the truth...' he thought to himself contentedly.

"Michelle… I have been searching for you for a long time. It is all my fault! You were here with me but I failed to recognize you... It is all my fault! I should not have taken you to buy sugar-coated haws. If I had not taken you there, you would not have been lost. And if you had not been lost, you would not have suffered so much..."

Rita's constant crying and self-blame piqued Ariel's mind. Ariel looked blankly at the fragile woman in front of her and then her face darkened all of a sudden.

"Ma'am, you have mistaken me for someone else! My name is not Michelle. I am Ariel!" she said with a straight and slightly cold face.

'Michelle died a long time ago! She died the moment you gave her to someone else! Now, I am Ariel! I am Ariel, the indifferent secret agent of VT Organization!' Ariel added in her mind.

"You are Michelle!" Rita said with absolute certainty, and, though she cried a flood of grief, her eyes were filled with determination, and conviction shone like a holy light from her tortured soul.

'Ariel must be my Michelle! No one else knew my nickname after my parents passed away! She must be Michelle! She must be!' Rita stubbornly argued with herself.

"Ma'am, calm down, please. My name is Ariel and I am not your sister, Michelle!" Fearing that she might have been compromised, Ariel repeated her words again. She refused to acknowledge the aching need for family in her own heart as she ruthlessly remained on mission.

Rita was just like a poor, orphaned child at this moment. Ariel desperately wanted to ask her why she would have chosen to abandon her, but she failed to open her mouth.

It was not that she was afraid of the truth. She was afraid of further stressing Rita out, as Darren's potion had in fact been causing her mental disorder. Ariel was afraid that if she kept worrying Rita now, the stress might hurt the baby in her belly. Ariel h

ad had no choice but to bring her to the hospital to see her dearest friend.

David threw a brief glance at Jacob, whose face was rather gloomy, and quickly stopped Emily as she wanted to break into the ward. "Rita just fell asleep. We had better go to see her later. What's more, her condition is not stable, so she needs to rest a lot," David explained patiently.

"Fine." Hearing what David said, Emily's strained heart was forced to settle down. She had to accept that there was nothing she could do for Rita now.

Seconds later, Emily questioned David with a fierce expression, "What on earth happened? What were you thinking? How could you keep Nora and Rita under the same roof?!" Emily was furious as she had not known about the situation in Rita's house until now.

Emily strongly believed that Rita's condition must have something to do with Nora!

She could not believe that everything was coincidence. How could it have been so easy for Nora to escape from Darren? Why would Rita have suddenly developed a mental disorder right after Nora began living in David's house? Emily knew exactly what an evil and manipulative woman Nora was!

David fell silent. He had nothing to offer in defense against Emily's raging accusations.

He did not know how to answer Emily's questions as he had also suspected that there might be some connection between Rita's mental disorder and Nora's presence in their home.

"David, just tell us what on earth happened!" Seeing Emily so angry, Jacob also began to question David.

'I am sorry, bro. I know almost everything that happened, but you know what? My girl is angry now. So, I have to do this. I am sorry, David, ' Jacob mentally apologized to his friend. But wives came before friends, or at least that was the case when that wife was Emily!

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