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   Chapter 922 Who Dares You To Do This

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Ariel gave a grim smile and asked, "Do you think that I am a three-year-old girl? How could you say that she is my sister just by looking at a picture? I really do not know who put you up to this."

Darren was not angry at all. The corners of his mouth curved upwards as he took out a test result from the envelope. "This is the DNA test result. It does not matter whether you believe me or not. I have some of your sister's hair here, so you can do the DNA test again. Or I can give you her address and you can get a sample of her hair yourself. After the DNA test, you will know whether she is your family or not," Darren said in a neutral tone.

A lot of people from the Xu Family were searching for Michelle, and in the beginning, many people had come to Rita. David had had no choice but to give a few strands of Rita's hair to his family members and relatives to save time. As a result, it was not strange for Darren to have a lock of Rita's hair.

Ariel threw a glance at the DNA result and began to believe Darren a little bit. What was more, Ariel thought that as a professional secret agent, it would be easy for her to get someone's hair to do the DNA test again.

"Don't you want to know your birth secret?" asked Darren. Darren did not care about Ariel's impression of him or how she felt about him at all. He only cared about whether Ariel would believe his words or not.

Darren knew how eager Ariel was to know about her own birth secret as she had spent almost 20 years being a part of a cruel organization without family and friends.

"Your father used to be a gambler, and he gambled away your sister behind your mother's back. Those people had been planning to take your sister away to sell her organs. But your sister overheard the conversation between them, so she brought you to the spot where your father had an appointment with the human trafficker. Then, you were sold to them!"

Darren spoke in a calm voice as he took out the pictures of Grant negotiating with the human trafficker to support his claims. There were many pictures showing the money and the scene of Grant losing money at a gambling house.

"I know you do not believe what I said, but you will once you see this picture," he added. Darren took out another picture from the envelope and gave it to Ariel. "You know better than anyone who the man in this picture is," he said.

This was an old picture of Grant negotiating with a dealer in the gambling house. Behind the dealer was a young man carrying a bale of money. And that young man was non

you in her place that day, you would be the one standing there with your happy family!" He kept goading Ariel. All the pictures and videos of Rita's family flashed on the screen in front of Ariel.

'Rita? Why would she have such a happy family? Why not me?' Ariel could not help asking herself in mind.

Hatred grew in Ariel's heart and all her hopes and expectations turned into poisonous feelings!

"What do you want me to do?" asked Ariel.

Although filled with hatred in her heart, Ariel still maintained a composed disposition. Before taking the mission, Ariel had done some research about Darren. David was Rita's husband but he was also Darren's brother. They had even fought against each other to be the heir apparent of the Xu Family. Therefore, it would not be so hard for Darren to help Ariel find her family.

In some twisted way, both Darren and Ariel were just making use of each other.

"You are smarter than you look!" Darren gave a warm smile, even though malice flashed through his eyes. He continued in a low voice, "My request is very simple. You need to help another woman to break Rita and David's relationship. David has made me unhappy all my life, so it is time for me to take an eye for an eye, right?"

Darren's voice was gentle but Ariel could clearly sense the darkness of his soul in his eyes.

'What on earth happened between you and your brother? Why would you hate your own brother so much that you would choose to treat him like this?' Ariel felt very confused about it. Regardless of Darren's reasoning, Ariel accepted the mission because of Rita. Although Rita may not have hated her, she was still the one who had given her to the human trafficker.

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