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   Chapter 921 Yes, My Dear Wife

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The sweet smell of their breath spread between them. Jacob's deep eyes reflected Emily's beautiful and gentle smile.

"Then I have to return a kiss to you and that is a deal!" he said gently.

Emily's soft but determined voice had provoked Jacob's feelings and desires. He stared at her red lips and then began kissing her deeply. After quite a while, Emily dizzily pushed Jacob away and licked her lips shyly.

"This is my office. We should mind our images!" she teasingly reminded Jacob.

Emily's face flushed and even the tips of her ears, which peeked out from beneath her hair, had turned scarlet. Her shy, almost juvenile, voice, had provoked Jacob even more!

Jacob held her tightly in his arms and said in a husky voice, "Then why do you seduce me like this? I think that you are just wanting more..."

"Shut up!" Emily quickly covered Jacob's mouth with her small hand while she glared at him sharply.

"Yes, my dear wife!"

Jacob shrugged off her hold and pinched her flushed cheeks. He quickly lowered his hands, not waiting for Emily's response. Holding Emily by her slender waist, Jacob whispered in her ear, "Let's go have lunch now!"

Emily did not even have a chance to resist and then she felt her whole body soften. She eagerly leaned against Jacob as they left the office.

In David's house.

Rita's condition had worsened and she'd begun to hallucinate constantly. She often mistook others for Nora or Michelle. Confusion seemed to dominate her mind and she often slipped into insensibility.

Her sense of reality had fractured and she often beat others for no reason, or tightly held the person who she happened to mistake for Michelle as she cried loudly. The whole villa became nervous and tense, and many maids decided to resign, fearing that Rita might hurt them.

David worried a lot about Rita and he ceaselessly searched for the top doctors at home and abroad to come and treat Rita. However, they all failed to determine the reason for her disintegrating state of mind. As the number of maids became less, Ariel was assigned to be Rita's personal maid.

"Ma'am, this is the soup with medicinal herbs. The doctors suggested that you have some of this. Please, do not let the soup cool too much." Ariel had carefully taken the soup to Rita's room. She could not help but notice the pinched look on Rita's face, which spoke volumes of her pain and sorrow.

Since what had happened to Nora last time, Rita seldom returned to her former room and she constantly stayed in the guest room now.

Rita was wearing a long white dress and her glossy black hair was loosely hanging down to her waist. Her face was

p a family. She had not planned to take this despicable mission in the beginning, but her master had said that this would be the last mission for her as a secret agent. After finishing this last mission, Ariel would finally be free.

Despite still having some misgivings remaining in her mind, Ariel had still decided to accept the mission.

"Your master said that you have been looking for your family for a long time. It is lucky then that I know your family!" Darren looked at Ariel with indifference and paused for seconds before continuing, "Before we discuss the mission, I need to tell you something in advance." And so it began, this game of smoke and mirrors.

Ariel's and Rita's appearances were similar but they had different temperaments. Rita was straightforward and easily given to bouts of rage, while Ariel was calm and agile of mind. One was emotionally genuine, while the other, due to her extensive training, had developed into a clear and analytical mind.

"Come to the point, please." Ariel's eyes only moved slightly as she wondered how the crippled man in front of her could have known that she was looking for her family, because even her master did not know about it. Was he some kind of mind reader?

Ariel began to critically scan Darren from his head to his toes. But her evaluation gave no clue to his agenda or what he knew.

"She is your sister!"

Darren noticed Ariel's vigilance, so he casually took out a picture from his pocket and held it out to Ariel, carefully observing her expression.

Ariel only glanced briefly at the picture, as the woman did indeed look like her. There were many people who looked like her, but it was impossible for all of them to be her family. Clearly, Ariel was not convinced by his words.

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