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   Chapter 920 A Kiss As Seal And That Is A Deal

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9984

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Dina played the video which showed the time when Emily had asked for Ray's help to persuade Dina, after Emily and Ray had signed the contract.

On the screen, it seemed as if Emily was busy seducing Ray due to the angle of the hidden camera. The real event had been distorted into something much more insidious.

"Oh, my God! Are you kidding me? This is just their interpretation! And it is out of context!" Joyce erupted angrily.

She was so angry that she instantly turned off the laptop, not planning to hear what Dina wanted to say next. This really amused Emily.

Emily looked at Joyce with a smile and bantered, "Joyce, why does it seem like Dina is not defaming me but you?"

Emily believed that a lie could never become the truth and vice versa. She was not easily rattled.

'Now that Dina is preparing to go against me, it is impossible for me to simply explain everything with words. But Dina is being smarter this time and she has finally resorted to relying on crowd opinion. It is really like the old Chinese saying, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," ' Emily thought calmly.

"Director Emily, why don't you feel worried? She has even dared to defame you like this! What's more, nowadays, the netizens are even more likely to post irresponsible and unsubstantiated comments and accusations online. I'm afraid that they will begin to insult you soon!"

Joyce said. Her voice was worried and revealed just how upset she was by all this. Clearly, she was concerned about cyber-bullying and how this would possibly hurt Emily. It was so easy to ruin someone's life through endless defamation and irrational insults. The public seemed to feed on it, and soon, this fraudulent video would develop a life of its own.

"The truth is still the truth. Thanks for worrying about me, but even if I feel angry and resentful, emotions can never fix this problem. On the contrary, anger and helplessness would be exactly the type of things that Dina wants to see from me. So, we need to calm down and think about a long-term solution."

With a gentle voice and rational analysis, Emily reminded Joyce not to be impulsive now. Joyce quickly realized that she had been so angry that she had failed to think about the root cause of the problem.

"Director Emily, you are right! I'm going back to work now, but if you need me, just call me anytime. I will always be ready to help you!" Joyce promised in a serious tone.

Emily smiled and winked an eye at Joyce. "Joyce, I think, maybe you have been reading too many Kungfu novels recently, right?" she bantered.

"No. I prefer the story of a domineering CEO now."

Speaking about novels, Joyce had become even more eloquent. Emily smiled and picked up her design draft. She had forgotten that Ray was still waiting for her on the other end of the call.

In Bai Group.

It was the tenth time that Jacob was calling Emily's number, but he got nothing but the warm automated message, "Sorry, the number you have

a... Who is the common denominator that both women share a connection with?

Darren!' Jacob felt his mind balk at the twisted plot which was being revealed. Thinking of Darren, Jacob realized that there had to be a way to disentangle this massive conspiracy.

After thinking about it for a while, the answer was almost evident. But like a memory slip, it lingered on the tip of Jacob's tongue, close, but just out of reach. There! It seemed that there was nothing connecting these two things, but one was coming for Rita and the other for Emily. Then, it followed that both these things had to have some connection with each other.

It was just speculation at this point though, and Jacob still needed to find proof. But no matter whether the person behind Dina was Darren or someone else, Jacob would remain vigilant and discover their identity. But most importantly, Jacob would always protect Emily.

"Jacob, when can we finally live a peaceful life?" Emily had slightly raised her head and was looking expectantly at Jacob. She knew that if anyone could make her wish come true, it would be Jacob.

Ever since they had come together, they had faced too many troubles and difficulties. Every day, they had to live in fear. Emily did not fear for herself, but she did worry about her two children and the man in front of her, who would likely face any challenges and dangers for her. She knew that there was nothing that Jacob would not do for her.

Emily did not want them to face such danger because of her, or because of money. Humans were all selfish and greedy. At this moment, all that Emily wanted was for the people she loved to be safe and healthy. Their happiness meant everything to her.

"Soon, my dear. We will live a peaceful life, very soon!"

Jacob looked affectionately at Emily and his eyes glowed with a gentle determination. Emily stood on her toes and, raising her head, left a light kiss on Jacob's thin lips.

"A kiss as a seal and that is a deal!"

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