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   Chapter 919 The Third One

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This time, Nora wanted to try her luck again. She wanted to know how much love remained in David's heart for her.

"Please be sure to get proper rest. Although I am sending you away, I guarantee you that Darren will not find you. As for Rita... I will ask her to apologize to you!"

A thought flashed through David's mind as he gave Nora an ambiguous answer and left the room.

In the monitoring room, David carefully observed Nora's expressions and reactions again and again, but nothing seemed out of order.

"Watch her closely and keep me informed if you find anything wrong!" David ordered his subordinates.

'I hope that I am wrong about her...' David comforted himself in his mind.

Meanwhile, at SL Jewelry.

Joyce picked up the newspaper in disappointment. Emily had just come back to work but she quickly noticed Joyce's glum expression and said, "What's wrong? You look so upset. What happened?"

"Director Emily... Why would Ray get involved with Dina again?" Joyce complained, her voice full of disdain and resentment.

'Dina?' Emily repeated the name in her mind.

Emily took a moment to remember who Joyce was talking about as she had not heard that name for a long time. Maintaining a casual tone, Emily asked, "How do you know that?"

Joyce handed the newspaper over to Emily, and judging by the look in Joyce's eyes, it seemed safe to assume that Joyce was utterly disappointed.

The first thing that caught Emily's eyes was a picture of Ray and Dina, but what ran a chill of horror up her spine was the title, written in bold letters—




Is this supposed to be a joke? These journalists must have run out of things to write about, huh?' Emily shook her head in mock despair.

Emily folded the newspaper and placed it in front of Joyce. "Oh, please, as if we need more useless gossip in our life! Come on, we have work to do, okay?" Emily said with a smile.

"Yes, Director Emily!"

Joyce nodded her head and stuck out her tongue to make a face at Emily.

Emily went back to her own office and took out her design drafts. However, she could not concentrate on her work because her mind kept bringing up Ray and Dina's picture in the newspaper.

'Ray just went abroad not too long ago. How come he is back so soon?' Emily wondered.

Suddenly, a phone call broke her out of her reverie. Emily glimpsed at the screen of her phone and lo and behold


She could not believe what was happening and took over Joyce's laptop to watch Dina's announcement. Meanwhile, Ray, on the other end of the call, also opened his computer.

The video showed Dina crying hysterically, trying to move the people who were not yet aware of the truth.

"Ray and I were from the same company. I admired him for a long time, even though he did not reciprocate my feelings. However, I was the only girl with him during all these years. He would tolerate my temper and would give me water whenever I was shooting a film. He even helped me when I was being threatened by some directors. We were practically a couple, except we had not taken the last step..."

The last step... Dina's words were ambiguous enough to mislead people.

"He really is like an angel and we really had each other in our hearts... Until one day, when a woman called Emily came into our lives and destroyed everything. She has her own family and children but she still chased after Ray everywhere. She sent him flowers and gifts. She used whatever methods she could find to steal Ray away from me!"

Then, Dina took out a couple of photos from an envelope. Most of the photos had been taken when Emily had been negotiating the contract with Ray.

However, these pictures had been shot from an angle that made it look like Emily and Ray were very close to each other, leaving much to people's imagination.

"Miss Dina, are these photos real?" a journalist asked out of curiosity.

Dina wiped away her tears, and then nodded her head firmly. Then, she pulled out a laptop beside her and said, "If you do not believe these photos, I also have some videos."

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