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   Chapter 918 A Gambling

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Rita snarled, her face soaked by the tears running down from her eyes as she pushed Ariel's hand away and rushed to Nora.

When David came back home, the first thing he saw was Rita acting like a lunatic, pushing everyone away and shaking Nora's lifeless body in a pool of blood.


David dashed towards Rita and held her in his arms as he signaled Stuart with his eyes to take Nora away.

"Rita, it's okay. It's okay... I'm here now. I'm here with you..."

David spoke in a gentle manner, even though his whole body had gone stiff, as if all he cared about was Rita and not the woman lying unconscious in front of him.

"It is not what it looks like... It is not what it looks like..."

Rita sputtered incoherently, as if possessed by an evil spirit. The shock of what she was seeing was hard to bear and she was overwhelmed with grief at the sight of Nora's blood.

Ariel stood aside with a gloomy face as she believed that Rita was telling the truth because she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

It was true that Rita had seen the knife in Nora's hands, but it had been just a figment of her wild hallucination, which was proof that Darren's potion had started to take effect.

If this had continued, within the next few days, Rita would have had more hallucinations and she might have even hurt herself.

Feelings of guilt knocked the breath out of Ariel, as if her heart was being crushed by a large boulder.

"I am telling the truth! I saw the knife and Nora tried to stab me with it. Nora had this malicious smirk on her face and she threatened to kill me and my baby. So, I had to push her away... I was so afraid. You believe me, don't you, David?"

Rita clutched at David's collar. Her face had turned as white as a sheet and her forehead was riddled with tiny beads of sweat. She opened her eyes wide, eager to know David's answer.

"I believe you! Of course I believe you!"

David scooped Rita up as he kissed her face lovingly and said, "Let me take you to another room. I will not leave you alone anymore. I will be with you every day!"

Ariel felt very out of place as she watched the two of them walk away.

'If Rita had not given me to the human traffickers, I would have had the same happy childhood as she did. I would have had the love of my parents. I would have had a loyal man to love an

are having our second child. She will be my wife forever and we will be together until we grow old and die."

David decided to give her the full, unadulterated truth, as he felt there was no other way to break it to her. Although it was hard for him to do what he did, feelings of relief appeared in his heart eventually.

Nora had tried everything to break up the marriage between David and Rita. However, Nora did not know that everything she'd done had only brought them closer to each other.

"Brother David, I do not understand what you are trying to say. I'm not asking for a lot, am I? I only wish to give birth to my baby in a safe environment. A place where I will not have to worry about Darren. A place where I will not have to worry about the safety of my baby... But you are making it sound like I came to your house with malicious intentions of hurting you and Rita..."

Nora sobbed, discontented and aggrieved by David's words.

"Did you really think I would care about other things when I had to live so carefully under someone else's roof? Love? What is love? Can it guarantee a safe life for me and my baby?" Nora asked in desperation.

David was startled as he had never expected Nora to say something like this.

"Yes, you are right. It is in everyone's best interest to send me away. Compared to my baby being killed by Rita, I would rather be taken away by Darren. At least then I will not owe anyone anything!" she murmured in a low voice.

Slightly reassured by this, Nora sniffled and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

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