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   Chapter 917 Our Future

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9309

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"I'm sorry. Just when I was about to win, David went to ask for our father's help. I had no other choice but to give up. During those days, I was grounded at home by my father. As soon as I got the chance, I came here for you,"

Darren said in a gentle voice as he drew Dina back into his arms. However, his black eyes were full of ice. His words may have sounded simple and plausible, but as always, Darren hid a wealth of darker intentions beneath his silver-tongued platitudes.

Now, Darren was facing extreme pressure from people like Jacob and David. With only Ariel's and Nora's assistance, Darren had no other choice but to approach Dina to help him. What was more, Ariel was only helping him because she was cheated by his lies, and Nora was simply afraid of him. Darren's list of allies was short indeed.

Therefore, even though Dina filled Darren with disgust, he had to hide his feelings and bear her presence, even going so far as to reveal the truth about his legs to gain her trust. Fortunately, Dina was in dire straits herself and eager to believe any story as long as it lifted her out of the despairing world of prostitution.

'Once before, I had given up being the heir of the Xu Family because of love. I gave up my legs because of that love. However, I got nothing back in the end.

My sacrifice and tolerance was exchanged for nothing. I'm no longer the man I was before. Now, everything I had to give up, I swear I shall get it back, one by one!

It doesn't matter whether David is in charge of the Xu Consortium now, whether Nora is pursuing her love for David, and even the whole of Jingshi City, I swear to get them back! I will finally be the king of Jingshi City!

I want all the people who stopped me to kneel and beg for my mercy, including David and Jacob!' Darren raged in his twisted mind.

"Dina, you know that I have always liked you. My marriage to Nora is nothing but a piece of paper. She has left me for David and even told him everything she knew. Now, I'm in a very dangerous place. I have too many enemies, so I cannot do many of the things that I want." Darren continued to spin his tale.

Ariel's eyebrows furrowed deeply as she knew that Darren and Nora had reached an agreement and that Nora had never betrayed him. She began to see his devious nature and his ease of telling lies.

With what she knew, Ariel felt without a doubt that Darren was lying to Dina. In her desperation, Dina was lapping these lies up, as if they were sweet candies!

'If he can so easily lie to Dina, could he have lied to me about Rita as well?' Ariel realized then.

Ariel's resolve concerning Rita began to waver as she thought of all the evidence that Darren had shown her before, and then she thought of Rita's gentle face which she rememb

nife. I was thirsty, so I came out to get some water. Then, I heard some crying from her room, so I went in. Rita seemed to be caught in a nightmare, so I tried to wake her up... But she pushed me away instead..." Nora explained calmly, her face a perfect mask to her performance.


Nora cried again, a heart-rending sound which echoed in the big master bedroom and disturbed the tranquil night.

"Look at this room. There is no knife here at all!" Nora added.

Nora's voice became even more distraught. Everyone present began to search for the knife upon hearing what Nora had said. However, after searching every corner in the room, they failed to find the knife. The weapon seemed to have disappeared!

"Ma'am, maybe you made a mistake..." said Stuart. He disliked Nora very much, but with everyone present, Stuart had no way to support Rita's innocence as no one had found the knife.

"I did not!" Rita became irritated and glared at Stuart angrily. "I saw clearly that she was holding a knife! And I was not having a nightmare, either!" she yelled desperately.

She did not understand why they could not find the knife, but Rita was certain that she had not been having a nightmare. She had been looking at her sister's picture before falling asleep, so she had been having a pleasant dream! At least, until she'd woken up with Nora next to her bed.

"Rita, I know that you hate me. I know you do not want me to stay here… But you should not have wronged me like this, at least... I..."

Nora's tears tumbled like glossy beads from a torn string and, even before finishing her words, she fainted and fell to the ground. However, she had succeeded in creating an image in the minds of all present that Rita was an evil person. Her carefully chosen words had doomed Rita to become the villain in the eyes of the house servants.

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