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   Chapter 916 Magical Legs

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"Wait! You are such a..."

Ray could not help feeling upset as he was usually the center of attention. This was the first time that someone had ever completely ignored him! And to make matters worse, she was just a waitress!

However, Ariel seemed to not hear what Ray said and left without so much as a backward glance. She had received the message that Darren had returned to Z Country in secret, and that he would come to this club tonight.

For a long time, Ariel had only believed Darren's words. But after staying with Rita and Nora for several days, Ariel felt that they were not as Darren had told her. Therefore, Ariel had decided to secretly do some research of her own, and Darren was the key to finding out the truth.

Bearing the pain of rejection and such callous dismissal, Ray struggled to stand as he looked at Ariel's back and his eyes deepened in wonder.

On the second floor, Dina was standing at the door of a private room. Before knocking with her red, manicured nails, she quickly smoothed her clothes and hair. Setting a beautiful smile in place, she finally knocked.

"Good day! This is Dina..." a gentle and sexy voice came out of Dina's mouth and such was its seductive power that it even made the waiter who was standing next to her feel enchanted.

Dina waited patiently for a minute at the door but no one answered or acknowledged her knocking, as if there was no one inside the room. Her smile momentarily twisted in annoyance at this waste of her time.

"Are you sure that my guest is here?" Dina demanded of the waiter, her voice low with anger.

"Yes, I'm sure, Miss Dina!" the waiter answered gingerly despite being enchanted by Dina's voice. He quickly lowered his head submissively, though he had the barest gleam of resentment in his eyes.

'Hmph! No matter how arrogant and beautiful you are, you are still nothing but a prostitute in front of men!' the waiter mentally cursed her.

Quickly, his lustful imagination turned from Dina, and the waiter felt his hatred of her flare up. He resented her for treating him so differently from her guest. After all, Dina was just a prostitute in this club. True, she held some status, due to her having been a leading actress and a frequent feature in the high society circles, but she always scolded and insulted the waiters here, as if she was somehow better than them.

Dina was the last woman that any of the waiters would like to cooperate with. She was not popular, but because of her beauty, she was feared.

"You had better make sure that my guest is here. Otherwise, I promise to ask your manager to fire you!"

Dina threw a disdainful glance at the waiter and continued to lightly

ocked her, and, looking at Darren, she realized that he was actually a completely healthy and able-bodied person!

"As you can see, I am not a cripple," Darren said gently with a slight smile on his handsome face.

"So, you were just pretending to be a cripple?"

Dina asked in disbelief, but she quickly covered her mouth with her hands, noticing her slip of tongue. She knew how sensitive cripples could be about their disabilities, and she was not sure how Darren would take to being questioned.

"Kind of. As a cripple, I could avoid many troubles before. But now, I've found that my life was too restricted because of my legs. So, now, I have to stand up." Darren's voice was calm and his eyes were tranquil like a deep lake, while he radiated absolute peace. It seemed that he was discussing something as small and insignificant as the weather.

Ariel clearly heard the conversation between Darren and Dina. 'So Darren is not crippled at all? But why would he have pretended to be a cripple?

What on earth is his plan?' Ariel pondered as she kept a careful watch on the room below.

Dina felt so happy at this news, for though she had once almost dismissed Darren because of his disability, she was no longer the same arrogant princess as before. What was more, Darren was now a handsome and rich man with healthy legs! Darren was a much better option than any of the men that Dina had been forced to service after her fall from stardom.

"Darren, I missed you so much. Why didn't you say farewell to me when you left at the beginning? Do you know how much I have suffered? Jacob and David turned against me on purpose. I was ostracised by my company. Many people bullied me..."

Dina held Darren tightly and her sobs drifted into Darren's ears, clear as thick perfume.

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