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   Chapter 915 A Hundred For One Night

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With that thought in mind, Ariel got up quietly and walked to the window. She looked out for a moment before she nimbly jumped out of the window and disappeared into darkness.

David did not want anyone to bother him or Rita, so most of the maids were asked to stay in another house next to David's villa. Only a handful of people like Ariel and Stuart were allowed to live in the same villa with David and Rita.

However, even though they lived in the same villa, Ariel's room was located far from David and Rita's.

The whole villa was equipped with cameras except the maids' private quarters. Fortunately, Ariel's room was not under the coverage of these cameras. Therefore, she managed to work there during the day and got out at night during this time.

Ariel was investigating something in secret.

Meanwhile, at the Starry Night Entertainment Club.

The dazzling dancing floor was full of lustful women, each sexier than the other. As a result, Ray's obtrusive presence there attracted all the women's attention around him.

"Oh, my God, please, please, Ray! Ever since you went abroad for studies, you rarely made public appearances anymore. Now that you have come back, could you please cooperate with the media to make some news to help improve your public image? I have made some inquiries. After Dina lost her endorsements, she started working as a prostitute in this club and apparently, someone picked her up tonight. The media will also take the advantage of this. As long as they can get a picture of you and Dina, it will not be hard for them to generate some buzz in the media. So, this is the best chance for you to improve your public image!"

Brook was trying his best to persuade Ray. However, Ray did not even show the slightest bit of interest in his suggestion. Brook looked at Ray helplessly, not knowing why he always wanted to visit Emily every time he was in Z Country.

'Did you forget who Emily's husband is? Oh, my dear Ray. Come on, please!' Brook prayed for a miracle in his mind.

"What are you suggesting? How could you ask me to do something like that?" Ray's face darkened as his pair of cold eyes glared at Brook as if he was going to bite his head off.

Brook could not help but feel strained as he began to hide away from Ray's eyes and murmured, "Ray, this is what our company wants. You know I'm nothing but a humble agent..."

"Stop it! If yo

front of her with disbelief. A hint of indifference flashed through her eyes as she answered in a cold voice, "Mister, have some respect, please!"

"I said, the code is a hundred for one night!" Ray repeated himself again.

"Ah!" As soon as he finished his words, a frightened scream came out of his mouth. Ariel struck Ray down to the ground with a swift roundhouse kick.

"You... Are you crazy?" Ray rubbed his chest with painful expression on his face and stared back at Ariel in anger and shock.

"Is it too much to ask for people to treat others with respect? How can you expect me to show you respect after you just insulted me like that?" The woman's cold voice and proud expression startled Ray for a moment and he realized that he had mistaken her for a simple waitress.

Ray looked at Ariel helplessly and knitted his eyebrows as he said again, "I was just telling you that the password of this bank card is one, zero, zero, four, one, nine!"

"What?" Ariel could not figure out what he was trying to say as her sharp eyes started to look puzzled.

'So... This is the way to play in Z country?' Ariel wondered.

"Apologize to me now!" Ray demanded. When he noticed the guilt in Ariel's expression, Ray could not help displaying a smug look on his face.

Having realized that it was wrong of her to assault him, Ariel thought about what she was here to do and decided that it would be in her best interest not to drag this out with Ray anymore. With eyes as cold as ice, she threw Ray a glance and picked up the bank card and tray from the floor before she stood up to leave.

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