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   Chapter 914 A Hypocritical Woman

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"But what if your father asks about this?" The subordinate was a little surprised.

Since Darren had faced defeat at the hands of David last time, their father had grounded Darren in case he would do something to harm David.

"Who do you think you are? You seem to care a lot about me, huh? It is none of your business!" Darren suddenly picked up the wine glass from the table and hurled it at his subordinate.

The wine dripped from his subordinate's face while the glass shattered into pieces as soon as it hit the ground. But the subordinate neither dared to raise his head nor wipe away the wine on his face. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I will do exactly as you have said right now," he answered gingerly.

Then, he quickly turned around to leave this terrible and dangerous room.

Darren picked up the serviette from his lap, then wiped away the wine from his fingers elegantly while a vicious smirk formed in the corners of his mouth.

At David's house.

Ariel walked out of Nora's room with a straight face after Nora settled down.

David had installed many security cameras all over the house. As a secret agent, Ariel was very sensitive to these hidden cameras, so she was very careful about her actions during this time. The reason for Rita's hallucination could be attributed to Ariel, because she used some kind of potion to water the flowers in the garden, and that potion could cause mental disorders.

According to Darren's request, her next step was to set a camera in David's study.

However, David's study was forbidden for everyone and there were so many cameras in his study that it would be impossible for Ariel to sneak in without raising a few red flags.

If Ariel wanted to install a camera without exposing herself, she would have to use Rita as an excuse.

Although Ariel disliked, or even hated, Rita, she still decided to get close to her. Ariel quickly followed her instincts without hesitation as she walked up the stairs towards the second floor.

When she ran into David, Ariel quickly made way for him and bowed down to greet him. "Good day, Mr. David."

"Good day to you too. What are you holding?" asked David.

"It is soup for ma'am because she has been drinking this for some time," Ariel explained herself.

"Come here and let me have a look." David quickly took out a silver needle from his pocket and stuck it into the soup without even waiting for Ariel'

n. However, if one looked at her carefully, they would notice that Ariel's eyes were glowing with joy.

"I'm okay." Rita kept her head lowered and waved her hand at Ariel.

Rita always managed to put on a tough act in front of people and this was the first time she had lost control of her emotions in front of someone else apart from David.

"Ma'am, please take good care of yourself. You are pregnant now." Ariel sneered and looked ironically at Rita's hands which were holding the picture.

"Yes, I know..." Rita nodded her head and continued in a low voice, "It is late now. You may leave to have a rest. I will have the soup later."

Ariel bent down to put the quilt over Rita and stuck the tiny wiretap into the bedside.

"Yes, ma'am," she answered.

The cold voice echoed in the room as Ariel turned to leave. Her straight back and the two pigtails looked so mismatched.

When Rita looked at Ariel from behind, something about Ariel jogged Rita's memories.

"Michelle..." Rita called out subconsciously, but Ariel did not seem to hear her and closed the door.

"Michelle... Where are you?

Michelle... My dear Michelle..."

Rita's groaning was so clear in the tranquil night. Listening in through the wiretap, Ariel felt as if something was stabbing at her heart and even her breathing seemed unsteady. Rita's sobbing was haunting Ariel's mind and her thoughts.

After a long time, Ariel finally lay in her bed with a straight face as Rita's voice became lower and lower.

'She is nothing but a hypocritical and evil woman! She does not deserve my affection!' Ariel thought to herself.

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