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   Chapter 913 Prepare To Return Home

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"Nora, you are still here!"

Rita said with no expression showing on her white face. She had known that Nora would be here, but seeing her in person left Rita feeling very uncomfortable. Even though she'd tried to assure herself that David had only let Nora stay due to his guilt, at this moment, her heart felt like it had been run through by a thousand pins.

"Yes, I'm still here. Aren't you glad to see me?" Nora smiled gracefully, as if she was the mistress of the house.

Every day until now, Nora had waited downstairs. Since she was not allowed by David anywhere near the second floor, she had hoped for a chance to see Rita in the common areas of the house.

"When you grow melons, you will gain melons as a reward." Just like this saying, with David not being home tonight, Nora had finally caught Rita, the bitch!

"Yes, I'm so glad to see you!" Rita said graciously, suppressing the emotions that burned at the bottom of her heart as she looked at Nora while forcing a light smile.

Nora had been waiting for her, but she had been waiting for Nora as well.

"Why you are so happy?" Nora had pretended to be elegant and proud, but when she heard what Rita said, her pretence vanished and she once again stared at Rita with a pair of arrogant brown eyes.

The more indifferent Rita was, the more nervous Nora became. Considering that she was not welcomed by David, if she made Rita angry, she would certainly be kicked out of the house in minutes.

At first, Nora had just wanted to test Rita's attitude, but she had never thought that Rita would be so calm.

"I know that you have been waiting for me these past few days. The reason why I did not appear was just because I did not want to see you."

Rita looked at Nora with a perfectly straight face as she spoke. Nora felt her heart beating faster because she couldn't understand how Rita could still be so calm despite everything that Nora had done to draw her attention. Surely, Rita should have felt provoked by now.

But Nora couldn't understand how, now that she had reached her goal of drawing Rita's attention, she still felt suddenly panicked.

"You! You bitch!" Nora raised her hands and tried to slap Rita.

But Rita grabbed Nora's slender wrists and fixed her burning eyes upon her, as if she wanted to burn a hole right through her.

"Tell me, how much do you know about my sister?"

Rita had no patience left after days of tolerating Nora in her home. Yet, Michelle's disappearance was like a thorn in her heart and she wanted to know what had happened. However, David had consciously avoided telling her anything about Michelle after Nora had initially spoken of her.

For this reason, Rita had gotten more suspiciou

y aware of the familiar scent of his body as he caught her and held her peacefully.

David had been at the nearby villa and he had noticed Rita's abnormal behavior through the monitor. He had rushed over, and when he entered the house, he was just in time to see Rita falling down.

"Rita! Rita!" The villa echoed with David's worried voice.

When Nora saw David holding Rita before he quickly carried her away, Nora's eyes turned red with jealousy and hatred.

'It's me who was nearly killed and I am obviously the victim! So why does David only care about that wicked woman?' Nora thought in anguish as she saw the couple together.

"Miss, let me take you back to your room." Ariel had taken advantage of the chaos and had approached Nora's side, where she spoke to her in low murmurs.

Nora opened her mouth to say something, but at last, she gave up and followed Ariel and several other servants to her room.

Meanwhile, at the Xu Family's house.

The man in the wheelchair played languidly with the glass in his hand, watching the scarlet liquid swirl inside it as his thin lips curled up in an eerie smile.

"How's everything going with them?"

he asked in a cold voice, and his piercing eyes looked sharply at the man across from him.

"As Master Darren said, Rita has indeed been hallucinating. In addition, Michelle firmly believes that it's Rita who had abandoned her and she has nurtured a deep grudge against Rita,"

the man answered carefully for fear that he would accidentally anger Darren, who was always unpredictable. He knew full well what happened to servants who angered Darren.


Darren put down the glass elegantly. His lips curved upwards in a vicious smile. But there was a strange light in his eyes as he gave his order. "Prepare to return home!"

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