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   Chapter 912 You Will Be Mine From Now On

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7567

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'Beryl must feel angry at me because I could not make it to the amusement park. I guess I will just have to wait for her forgiveness even though it was not really my fault. I was made to stand facing the wall as punishment by Dad.' Dylan shook his head in disappointment.

Meanwhile, Beryl was in a room squatting by the door with her head propped up lazily on both hands. She did not know what to say to Dylan. 'If I go out of this room on my own and show remorse, it would make me lose face, ' Beryl concluded in her mind.

Beryl was expecting her mother to urge Dylan to knock at the door so that she would have an excuse to forgive him without looking too needy. However, Beryl had never thought that her mother would tell them to sort out their differences by themselves.

"Bad Dylan! Why won't you just apologize to me? You have been here for over a day and you have not even said one word to me! How could you be so rude?"

Beryl complained under her breath and her cute little face was full of anger and frustration. Her tiny fingers were poking at a doll as if the doll was Dylan.


Dylan felt so happy to hear Beryl's voice that he quickly put his ears on the door to check if it was really her.

Taken by surprise, Beryl quickly ran to her bed and hid under the quilt the moment she heard Dylan's voice.

She had been in such a hurry that she'd accidentally knocked over the chair on her way to the bed. However, she'd had had no time to care about the pain as her primary objective had been to hide.

Since Beryl had not locked the door, Dylan could easily walk in at any time if he wanted to. Although Beryl was angry at him, she still hoped that Dylan would come in.

"Beryl? What's wrong?"

Dylan could not help feeling worried as he heard no response from Beryl, so he slowly pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The moment he came into the room, his eyes caught sight of an overturned chair on the floor and a hump on the bed covered by a quilt. Having realized that Beryl was safe, Dylan smiled with relief and his strained heart relaxed.

Once he was sure that there was nothing wrong with Beryl, Dylan began to scan the room carefully. There were many pieces of paper with words on them, scattered all over the

" Dylan leaned in closer to Beryl and kissed her on her cheek with determined eyes.

'It will never happen again, I promise! I promise that I will never break our appointment again!' Dylan had made up his mind.

Beryl kissed Dylan back on the cheek. "Brother Dylan, I like you so much!"

Beryl's innocent voice reached Dylan's ears and his eyes lit up. Dylan looked at Beryl with his big, deep eyes.

"Beryl, since you like me, you will be mine from now on. So, you should not make this promise to anyone else, got it?"

Dylan squeezed Beryl's delicate cheeks and coaxed his future wife seriously.

"Wait... I am yours?" Beryl was a little hesitant at first, but upon seeing Dylan's eyes dim, she quickly changed her mind and said, "Okay."

However, little did Beryl know that a childish promise like that meant that she had promised her life to Dylan...

Meanwhile, at David's house.

Dylan had gone to Emily's, and after a quarrel with David, Rita felt like she couldn't breathe, as if a heavy stone was blocking her heart.

Nora's presence in the house reminded Rita of her existence from time to time and it made her feel even more depressed.

It was almost midnight, but David had not returned from work yet as he was working overtime. Rita was suffering from insomnia again, so she got up to get herself some water. However, from the corner of the living room, Rita heard some strange sound.

When she followed the sound to check what it was, she came across a familiar face...

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