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   Chapter 911 Give Me A Reason

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Rita's face darkened even before David had finished speaking. David quickly stopped talking upon seeing Rita like this. He did not know whether he should continue, so he just stood there watching her.

"Give me a reason." Considering the baby, Rita tried her best to control her anger.

The baby growing inside her was her child, but so was Dylan. Rita would never allow Dylan to lose his parents' company just because they were having another baby. To her, this was an act of rejection which David was contemplating, and she would not tolerate it.

"I just told you, honey. You are pregnant and..."

David spoke softly and then sneaked a peek at Rita only to discover that Rita's face had become even more gloomy. Therefore, he lowered his voice little by little until finally, he didn't dare to continue.

"Tell me the truth!" Rita had run out of patience and her beautiful eyes were staring intently at David's nervous face. She would not believe any half-truths or white lies. As David's wife, Rita was very capable of seeing straight through him.

After the last time that Rita had seen Nora in the house, she had not seen her again. It seemed that Nora had completely disappeared. But Rita could feel that Nora was still living in their house. It was a type of sixth sense she had whenever Nora was involved in her family affairs, a warning cry of impending danger.

There were clues, of course. The living room smelled of the perfume that David had reeked of in the early years when he had still loved Nora.

What was more, there was a set of unique tableware that was obviously not in the style their family preferred, and it did not belong to the maids, either. All of these clues indicated that Nora was still living in this house.

'But why haven't I seen her?

Is Nora hiding from me on purpose? Or is David not allowing her to see me?'

More and more questions arose in Rita's mind, troubling her and haunting her days. She felt an oppressive presence in her own home, and suspicion left her breathless.

'Now, David is even suggesting that we send Dylan away! The reason could not be so simple. What the hell is going on?

Maybe David wants to protect Nora and he's afraid that Dylan might hurt her? Therefore, he chose to use my pregnancy as an excuse to send Dylan away?' Rita could not help thinking this and her heart felt drained with the tension.

As for the things that had happened the other day, Dylan had already told Rita about each and every detail. Rita did not care how much of Nora's words were true. But she did not believe for even a second that Nora had come here just to tell her the news about Michelle. Nora was not a philanthropist, and there was always a hidden agenda with her. She did not do things out of the goodness of her heart.

'What on earth does she want? What other motives could she have?' Rita pondered the dilemma.

The once rational Rita was now a total mess. She stared closely at David's face, hoping to find some clue about his intentions.

"I'm afraid that Nora would perhaps

ita for many days, though they still slept in the same bed. There was a cold war raging between them, and like foreign diplomats who struggled to prevent hostilities, they were unable to express their real feelings.

This state of unhappiness really pleased Nora, as the more trouble that brewed between David and Rita, the more likely it was for Nora to achieve her goals. Like a wraith, she was feeding on their misery!

In Tyrone Mansion.

This was the second day since Dylan had come here but Beryl still refused to see him. Dylan had patiently waited for the whole day, hoping that Beryl would open her door. But Beryl seemed to have made up her mind not to see Dylan, as she even refused to sit in the same car as Dylan to go to school. His young heart was broken by her cold refusal.

When Emily returned home after work, Carter informed her about the situation. Taking Dylan aside, Emily asked with concern, "Dylan, what on earth has happened between you and Beryl?"

Dylan was Rita's child but now that they had sent him to live with her, Emily felt that she had a responsibility to take good care of Dylan. Besides that, she really liked the little boy, as he was always very polite and clearly cared a lot for Beryl.

"Auntie Emily, it is my fault. I annoyed Beryl, so I will have to wait for her to forgive me." There was a stark contrast between Dylan's innocent voice and his serious expression, and it amused Emily so much that she almost burst into laughter.

"Fine. It is your own business. I believe that you can fix it by yourselves. But promise me that you will not force yourself to wait here if you feel tired or uncomfortable, okay?"

Emily looked at Dylan with a smile and could not help feeling admiration for the friendship between him and Beryl. There was such a devotion between them, unlike in some adult relationships where that was sorely lacking.

"Okay. Thank you, Auntie Emily." Dylan nodded his head obediently and watched Emily leave. Then, he returned to waiting for Beryl by her door.

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