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   Chapter 910 Ariel

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What was more, David would not spoil Dylan by allowing him to hurt others like this. There were many ways to fix problems but using force was not one of them. Although Nora was wicked, David still cared about the innocent baby in her belly.

Dylan wanted to explain that it was an accident, but he bore everything silently when he saw David's angry eyes. With a quick glance at Nora, who was still lying on the floor, he turned his sorrow inwards and left. He was heartbroken that his father thought ill of him.

When Rita had discovered that she was pregnant, David had arranged for the family doctor to live in a villa next to his, just in case there ever were any complications or a need to call him. Within three minutes, the doctor arrived to check on Nora. She was pale and had not regained consciousness yet.

The maid's room became crowded with so many people in it, and David could not help feeling depressed standing in the small room.

"So, how is she?" David asked after quite a while of the doctor examining her.

"Miss Nora is very fragile right now and she was deeply frightened by something. The baby was also hurt by the fall. Therefore, she needs to stay in bed until further notice and should not be upset in any way. Otherwise, she might lose the baby. What's more, if she loses the baby, it might be impossible for her to get pregnant again,"

the doctor told David patiently, though he was also surprised by Nora's fragile state. He had checked on Nora before and she had not been as weak as this. 'Why would her condition worsen like this all of a sudden?' the doctor could not help wondering as he quietly packed away his instruments.

"Okay, got it," David answered briskly. David's eyebrows furrowed at the thought that Nora might actually have told the truth this time.

'She must have suffered a lot at Darren's hands. If she really loses the baby, it might be impossible for her to get pregnant again...' he fretted, feeling somewhat responsible for her condition.

The more of the truth David discovered, the more troubled he felt. It seemed that he had really misunderstood Nora this time. At this point, Nora had become a pathetic and fragile creature, as she could lose not only her baby but also her life if matters turned for the worse.

After Stuart sent the doctor away, David looked at Nora with mixed feelings. Seeing her ghostly pale face, he said in a low voice to the maids, "When she wakes up, arrange for her to live in a room on the second floor. As for other necessities, just give her anything she wants."

Heaving a sigh, David seemed to think of something and he reminded the maids again, "Do not let her come close to Rita or Dylan. Do not let her meet with them. And do not tell Rita about the news that Nora is now living in this house."

'Dylan has shown hostility toward Nora, but she risked so much to come and warn us. I should protect her and the unborn child, at least until it is safely born, ' David thought, making up his mind.

Rita had not fully recovered from her initial shock at the news

ylan to your house for a few days. He has been very hostile to Nora, so I'm afraid that he might hurt her, or get hurt himself. What's more, Rita is far along her pregnancy now and requires my attention. I do not have much time to take care of him at present."

David's eyes appeared sad and dull as he felt awful for sending Dylan away to live with Jacob.

"Okay. I will ask Sam to pick him up," Jacob answered without hesitation.

Added to these troubles, Beryl had been very unhappy for several days, because Dylan had failed to keep their appointment at the amusement park. Jacob thought that Beryl might need to have a talk with Dylan to smooth matters out between them. A visit from Dylan might give the two children a chance to mend fences.

"Okay. I have to go." David hung up the phone and stared off into space with a stony face for quite a while before walking out of the study.

Rita had been pregnant for four months and her pregnancy was beginning to show. She was seldom in a good mood, but at the moment, she was happy and had gone outside to water the flowers in the garden.

David hesitated for a long while as he thought of how to phrase the delicate decision he had reached. Finally, he walked toward Rita, and upon reaching her, he wrapped his arms around her swelling belly and kissed her neck tenderly. He did not relish having to tell her about his decision to send Dylan to Jacob's as she was Dylan's mother and would naturally be upset.

"Rita, come and take some rest for a while," David gently requested as he took the watering can from her hand.

"Okay," Rita answered naturally. Ever since Rita had discovered that Michelle was still alive but had become a secret agent, she was always feeling blue and did not want to expend any energy by arguing with David. It seemed that her poor temper was draining her of her strength.

"Honey, I want to send Dylan to Emily's and Jacob's house. Your pregnancy is becoming more and more obvious. So, we do not have enough time to take good care of him. And..."

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