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   Chapter 909 Sending Her Away

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9216

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David was lying on his stomach next to Rita on the bed when he was suddenly awoken by her screaming. Raising his head, he looked at her and saw that her forehead was soaked with sweat and that her eyebrows were furrowed, as if in intense pain. Rita's face was pale and drawn. Instantly concerned, David sat up and leaned over her, trying to judge whether she was awake or not.

"Rita, wake up. What's wrong?" As David shook her lightly, he spoke to her in a gentle voice. It was as if he was trying to wake a small child from a nightmare, as he treated her like a precious treasure.

"Michelle, where are you? Where on earth are you..." Rita was trapped in the same terrible dream as before. Her slender hands were wavering anxiously and she yelled again with desperation, "Michelle, I'm coming to save you. Don't be afraid...

Don't be afraid. I'm coming to save you!"

In her dream, Rita saw Michelle's face masked with blood. Her younger sister was crying desperately. Rita wanted to embrace her but Michelle's face suddenly became cold and gloomy, making her feel strangely rejected.

"It is you who lost me! It is you who failed to protect me!" Michelle's voice sounded in her ears, as if coming from a great distance. Her accusations were like a knife plunging into Rita's heart.

In the dream, little Michelle was holding a knife in her hand and her body was covered in scars, frightening everyone who looked at her.

Rita reached out her hand again trying to catch Michelle, but she failed and could only watch her fall down a bottomless chasm. In her dream, Rita watched her sister disappear from sight into the black abyss. Losing Michelle hurt just like it had on the day when she had been abducted.

"No! Ah!"

Rita groaned again and finally woke up. The first thing she saw was David's worried eyes, and then his nervous expression. He was half-bent over her, holding her shoulders with his powerful hands as he tried to stop her from trembling. Rita took a deep breath as great big tears quietly rolled down her cheeks, glittering in the half-light of pre-dawn.

'It is all my fault! If I had not failed to protect Michelle, she would never have become a merciless secret agent...' Rita felt intense regret as she considered what she had learned from Nora.

"It is okay. It is okay. I'm here with you. I'm here with you, darling." David drew Rita into his arms, not caring that she was totally soaked with sweat. He leaned his chin against her head as he comforted her gently. Wrapping his arms around her tightly, he gently rocked her and soothingly stroked her back.

"It is my fault... It is all my fault..." Rita murmured hoarsely. Her constant crying had rung out clearly in the tranquil night. Rita held onto David ti

o hurt Rita while she was in their house, David would feel intense regret for allowing Nora to stay here. Therefore, he decided not to let them meet each other again. The risks were just too high.

Nora's face looked like she had just taken a shower, as tears continued running down her cheeks. She looked greatly aggrieved, just like before, when she had felt wronged by David's lack of trust in her.

"You have already told me everything. Now, I will order my people to take you to a safe place where you can give birth to your baby."

David made up his mind, and his eyebrows almost joined, as if he had just thought of something.

'As long as Rita does not see Nora, she will not become upset. And then everything would be much easier, ' he decided.

"No! Brother David, please! Do not chase me out! If I leave this house, I will have only one choice, and that is death..." Nora swiftly knelt down before David and grasped his clothes with her hands. Pulling at his clothes, she wept heartrendingly as she tried to change his mind.

Dylan's eyes turned cold as he immediately went to Nora and firmly disentangled her hands one by one from David's clothes. "Do not touch my daddy!" Dylan's young voice was full of disgust.

Despite his youth, he pushed Nora's hands away. Dylan had not meant to push her hard, as he had just wanted to keep her away from his father. However, Nora staggered and fainted, instantly falling to the floor.

David was startled for one second, but then immediately called Stuart to help. Then, he looked fiercely at Dylan and warned in a low voice, "Wait for me in the study!"

In David's mind, Dylan should not have pushed Nora because she was pregnant. It did not matter whether Nora was good or bad; the baby was still innocent. If Nora lost the baby, David would feel very guilty indeed.

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