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   Chapter 907 Your Sister's Trail

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"Yes. I heard that Darren had picked up your sister's trail. But it seemed that he had not yet found your sister when I escaped from him. And I also heard that your sister now appears to be a secret agent in Z country. That is why Darren picked up your sister's trail but failed to track her down."

Nora was somewhat out of breath due to Rita's grip on her collar. Her face had begun to turn pale as if she would die at any time if Rita applied more pressure to her neck.

Hearing what Nora said, Rita felt a wave of relief flood her and her face lit up with a beautiful smile. However, her joy at this good news was short-lived and despair set on her face once again.

'Secret agent?

That is a dangerous line of work! What on earth must my sister have suffered over the years since her abduction?' Rita could not help worrying, and grieved for her sister.

Tears tumbled down Rita's cheeks and wet her shirt through. Rita opened her mouth to say something but found herself unable to make any sound. She was only aware that her vision had blurred, and she felt like the whole world had been turned upside down. Finally, she could not even see anyone's face clearly, and sound left her world as she sank into complete and utter silence.

Nora finally grasped the chance to breathe and greedily sucked in fresh air as Rita's limp fingers fell from her throat. Instinctively, Nora stepped away from Rita as she thought, 'Oh, my God! What a crazy woman Rita has become! Anyway, I do not want to die today! I must live!' Nora tried to motivate herself.

"Rita!" David yelled. Seeing Rita lose her balance and fall backward, David quickly ran to her side and caught her in his arms. His stern and handsome face was filled with worry.

Nora was overcome with jealousy upon seeing that David cared so much for Rita. 'If I had not chosen Darren, then David would have treated me like this. David would have cared so much for me, too!

Rita, if only you could die right now! Then David would be mine. As for Dylan, he is a child and does not threaten me!' Nora cursed Rita in her dark heart.

"Why are you still standing there? Call the doctor now!" David yelled to his subordinates. Then, he picked Rita up and quickly carried her out of the small room. David did not spare Nora a single glance even though she was standing right behind him. His casual dismissal of her fueled Nora's rage and jealousy even more.

The doctor arrived quickly to check on Rita. David hovered by her side and his deep, black eyes stared closely at her slim body on the bed, fearing that he might miss the moment when she woke up. He tremble

s more, he really did not understand why David would tangle with such a devious woman again.

David kept quiet, not knowing how to answer this question.

"So, what do you think of all the things she told you?" Jacob asked seriously again, as Emily had flashed him her warning eyes three times already. She had gotten the gist of the conversation and knew that Nora was not to be trusted. Emily did not want Nora anywhere near her friend, Rita.

"I do not think it could have been so easy for Nora to escape from Darren. There were only two ways in which it could have happened. One is that she was released by Darren after having reached an agreement with him. The other is that Darren has let go of her on purpose, though she is unaware of this. Regardless of which it was, Darren would never give up on his plans!"

David carefully analyzed the situation.

"Okay, I will secretly follow up on all these leads for you. Just remain calm and do not do anything rash now," Jacob said calmly. He knew that David was not always consistent when it came to Nora, and he hoped that his friend would not do something stupid.

The power of the Xu Family did not extend to Z Country. If David wanted to investigate all of the things that Nora had told him without alarming Darren, he would need Jacob's help.

What was more, Jacob was also the only person whom David really trusted.

"Thank you, bro. Thank you for all the times you have helped me… so that I can..." David stammered in a low but sincere voice.

"Stop it. Don't behave like a girl, please," came the cold voice from the other end of the phone, and then the call was abruptly ended.

David paused for a few seconds and then gave a sincere smile from the bottom of his heart.

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