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   Chapter 906 Weaving The Lie

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After having suffered so much because of Nora's schemes, David had seen her true character, and now, he easily saw through her fallacious performance. Her act of having been wronged might have swayed others, but David was not swayed by her at all.

If Dylan had not told him that Nora had important information which concerned Rita's safety, he would not even have bothered to see her at all.

But if Nora was telling the truth, David would not begrudge her some assistance in exchange for that information.

"Dearest David, I do not want money. I really just want to tell you something. Look at me, I have suffered so much to escape from Darren!"

Nora stared closely at David as she anxiously tried to determine whether she was getting through to him.

"Darren told you that he would get divorced from me. That was just a lie. He did not want to get divorced at all. All he wants is to kill me!"

Her act was one of consummate professionalism, complete with tears flowing from her large eyes, a pained voice, and an expression of pure determination. To the uninformed spectator, she seemed to be giving a truthful confession.

"So what? Does that have anything to do with me?"

David still kept up his indifference as he looked at Nora. He still remembered Rita's devastation when Nora had told those lies and had sworn that he was the father of her baby. Nora's lies had almost cost him his marriage and happiness.

David also remembered that Darren had even kidnapped his own biological nephew, Dylan, in an attempt to force him and Rita to get divorced, all in furtherance of Nora's schemes.

The things which they had suffered were all because of Nora. Rita's anger and sadness could also be laid squarely at Nora's door. Therefore, David resolved not to fall into her trap again this time.

However, David did not feel surprised at all by the news that Darren had not divorced Nora because Darren clearly loved her so much!

"David... You..." Nora was dumbfounded by what David said, though she did not show it. She just wiped the tears from her eyes, and after quite a while, she raised her head again and said with a husky voice, "David, I know that you feel angry about the lie that I spread, that you were my baby's father, but... I really did not have another choice..."

David was startled by her confession

hoarse voice.

"You've appointed people to guard the gates so that I could not enter the house. Therefore, I had to approach Dylan, but I never lied to him. I recently heard that Darren has found Rita's younger sister. I was afraid that he would use Rita's sister to threaten you, and then..."

Nora told David everything about Darren's orders and his plans, hoping that it would be enough to convince David to let her stay in the house with him and Rita.

"What did you say?"

Not waiting for David's reply, a pregnant woman burst in through the door and grasped Nora's collar tightly as she anxiously demanded, "Where is my sister? Did Darren really find my sister?"

Hearing this news, Rita had completely forgotten all about the resentment between her and Nora. Her mind had gone blank and all that remained was the echo of Nora's last words.

'Sister… My sister!' Rita could not help but shout this out in her mind over and over again.

Even before Rita had married David, she had been searching for her biological sister who had been taken when they were little girls. Not only was finding her sister the final wish of her parents, but it was also her own. Except for David and Dylan, her sister was her last remaining family in the world.

After their marriage, the whole Xu Family had discovered that Rita's sister had been kidnapped when they were children and were now helping with the search. Therefore, it was not a surprise that Darren and Nora knew that Rita had a sister. It was even plausible that Darren had found Rita's sister.

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