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   Chapter 905 Revealing Her True Character

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9114

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Seeing Dylan unmoved by her pleas, Nora began to cry grievously and pretended to worry. As usual, she was playing the pathetic victim to get what she desired.

Dylan was still only a child and his mother mattered the most to him, and thus, his young heart began to waver. He became confused and doubted whether he should let her in or not.

'What if Nora really wants to tell my father something related to my mother? But what if Nora is lying? Maybe she is bluffing to make me allow her into our house so that she can get another chance to hurt my mother?' Dylan lapsed into total indecisiveness, and he could not determine whether Nora was telling the truth or not. Lacking experience with devious people due to his tender age, Dylan slowly became convinced to help Nora.

"Dylan, I do not want to hurt your mother. I'm really worried about your family... Look at me! I am in this state all because of Darren... I have tried so hard to escape from Darren..." Nora said anxiously as tears flowed down her pale cheeks.

Hearing what Nora said, Dylan noticed her bedraggled appearance. She was dressed in rags. Her dress was soiled with mud and streaks of blood. Shocked, he realized that this filthy grey dress had originally been white in color. She was no longer the fancy diva that he remembered from their last meeting.

Dylan frowned and considered that Nora might be telling the truth, as no one would willingly come to such a state. She looked like a beggar!

"Fine. But you need to promise me that you will not bully my mother and that you will leave our house as soon as you have told everything to my father."

Finally, Dylan chose to believe Nora and allow her into his house.

"Master Dylan, she..." The driver wanted to dissuade Dylan but his words petered out upon seeing Dylan's determined eyes.

"Uncle Stuart, where is my father?" As soon as Dylan stepped into the hall, he began to look for David. Subconsciously, Dylan knew that he did not want Rita to face the danger which Nora might pose, and hence he hoped that Rita would not find out about Nora's presence in their home.

"Master David has not returned yet. Ma'am has made dinner for you and she is waiting for you." Stuart glanced disapprovingly at Nora, who was standing behind Dylan. He could not help but pause for one second, but then he behaved as if nothing was amiss.

Having worked for the Xu Family for dozens of years, Stuart had already experienced a lot. But he still felt puzzled by Nora's arrival in this house, and stayed with his Young Master Dylan to protect him. 'Given the situation, I should contact Master David as soon as possible, ' Stuart decided glumly.

Dylan nodded his head and then turned to look at Nor

pard could not change its spots!

"You may have tricked our Young Master Dylan, but you cannot trick our Master David!" Stuart said in a cold voice and could not help but let out a "humph" in disdain. Stuart did not want to waste time quarreling with Nora as the most important thing now was to inform Master David about Nora's presence in the house.


Seeing Stuart leave without even looking at her, Nora's eyes almost burst in anger! In her blind rage, a vein began throbbing at her left temple.

She impatiently scanned the whole room and finally, with nothing to do, sat in the corner near the bed.

Nora knew that David would return home soon, so she tried her best to calm her anger. Nora wanted David to see her as the pathetic victim, so that she could easily make him feel guilty and sympathetic about the state that she was in.

As Nora had expected, in less than 20 minutes, David arrived at her room.

David scanned the whole room with his deep, cold eyes and finally found Nora's ragged frame quivering in the corner. She resembled a frightened animal.

"What are you doing here again?"

David's voice was glacial and he looked at Nora as if she was just Mrs. Nobody to him.

"Dearest David..." Choking back tears, Nora slowly raised her head, which she had been cradling in her slim arms, and her anguished face moved even the bodyguards behind David. However, David did not feel anything at all and he was still as indifferent as before. He had clearly gotten used to her games and manipulations and developed a certain amount of immunity.

"Dylan told me that you have something to tell me? If you have something to say, spit it out now, please, and then you may leave. As for money and safety, I can offer you both, but nothing else," David said with a cold, hard face.

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