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   Chapter 904 The First Confession Of Love

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"Nope! We have to go fetch Beryl from school now." Emily immediately wiggled out of Jacob's embrace and ran to get her bag from her table before rushing out of the office.

She knew that if she hesitated for even one more second, Jacob would insist on bedding her first!

Jacob lowered his head to assess the state of his body as he could feel his unsatisfied arousal. Then, he took a deep breath to try and calm himself before grabbing some magazines from the table to hide his obvious discomfort.

At school, Beryl was staring closely at the door with her big, watery eyes, hoping to see her parents.

'They promised me that they would come to pick me up together. Why haven't they come yet? Did they forget about me?' Beryl panicked as she worried over her parents' absence.

While she heaved a sigh of disappointment with her face full of sorrow, Dylan quietly stood next to her, his concerned eyes resting on her face.

'What's wrong with Beryl? Did something bad happen?' Dylan could not help wondering with deep concern for his little friend whom he loved so deeply. Recently, Beryl had been avoiding Dylan, so he had kept his distance.

Almost all of the kids had left school already and returned to their homes. Finally, Dylan summoned up the courage, approached Beryl, and asked, "Beryl, what's wrong? Why hasn't the driver come to fetch you? Let me take you home, okay?"

"No!" Beryl pouted and immediately refused Dylan.

'Daddy and Mommy said that they would come to fetch me. I must wait here for them to pick me up!' Beryl decided in her mind.

Despite Beryl's refusal, Dylan was not at all upset. Dylan remembered then what his daddy had told him before: "If you like a girl, you should not always be so timid. And despite her refusals, you should be persistent!"

"Then would you please allow me to stay here with you in case someone with bad intentions comes and tries to hurt you? You should not be alone." Dylan asked this gently like a grown-up man trying to protect the woman he loved. His dark eyes were sincere and spoke of his concern and fondness for Beryl.

"Last time, you said that you would protect me but we were still caught by bad guys!" she retorted angrily. Beryl was still upset with Dylan as he did not approve of her crush on Ray. Therefore, she did not feel moved by his words at all.

Dylan heaved a sigh and murmured with disappointment, "Well... Yes, you are right..."

But soon, Dylan felt motivated again as he remembered something else that his father had told him: "It is very common to fail on the way to success. Failure means problems. If there are problems,

n divorced because of her! His little jaw set firmly as he decided that he did not like this woman who had caused such drama for his family.

Last time, this woman had also tried to involve him in an attempt to harm the baby in his mommy's belly. Dylan knew without a doubt that Nora was a really bad woman!

"Dylan! Dylan, I need to speak to your father. Please, can you let me into the house?" she called out to him. Seeing Dylan get out of the car, Nora quickly rushed to him as if he was her last hope.

Recently, David had resolved never to see Nora again, and he had given orders that Nora was forbidden from setting foot in his house again. She was an intruder and David had vowed to have her arrested if he found her trespassing.

Therefore, Nora had now pinned all of her hopes on the innocent Dylan.

"My daddy loves only my mommy! Why did you still come here?"

Dylan asked coldly. After everything that had happened, Dylan showed no affection toward Nora, and his words frightened her. Blinking like an owl, Nora looked at the pint-sized version of David who was blocking her access to the house. He was already developing an imposing personality and he stood confidently as he barred her way.

Dylan's character was totally different from David's. Like Rita, his mother, Dylan was decisive and resolute.

Thinking of Rita, Nora's eyes became like iced daggers.

"Dylan, actually, I... Actually, I have something very important to tell your daddy. There is someone who wants to hurt your mommy... But your daddy does not want to see me at all, so I cannot warn him. But I'm afraid that by the time something bad happens, it will already be too late!"

Nora feigned intense worry, as if everything she had said was true.

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