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   Chapter 903 See You

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Ray could not help but feel embarrassed at hearing what Jacob said. He found it hilarious to see Jacob, the stern CEO of the Bai Group, behave like this though.

He tried his best not to laugh as he rubbed his head in embarrassment and then said seriously, "Mr. Jacob, I was talking to Emily. Does that concern you? Besides, we are both men, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'm straight. It would be too weird for me to hug you."

Emily struggled to keep from laughing out loud at the humor of the situation and smiled instead. She felt relieved that the tension between them had been resolved with such good will though.

Jacob was almost 30 years old and he had already fathered two children. But he was still as domineering as he had been when they had first met. Emily knew that he would never share her with another man, not even for something as innocuous as a hug.

Feeling happy with the result of this meeting and not wanting to offend Ray, who had bared his young soul to them, Emily tugged on Jacob's sleeve and urged with a smile. "Jacob, it is nothing more than a simple hug."

Actually, she had not planned to give Ray a hug, either. She just wanted to see Jacob domineering and stubborn like this. It was endearing and flattering to see his devotion to her.

"It is quite impossible," Jacob said in a low voice with a straight and brooding face. Then. he tightened his arms around Emily as if he was holding onto a precious treasure that he would never share with anyone else.

'Are you kidding me, Ray? Emily is mine! No one can hug her except me!' Jacob yelled at the young upstart in his mind.

The sudden hug from Jacob startled Emily and she lightly patted his back, giggling at the same time.

"What are you giggling about?" Jacob felt puzzled and lowered his head to look at Emily for answers. He was behaving more like a child than her husband now.

"You are so cute!"

Emily pinched Jacob's nose and winked lovingly at him. She loved it when he was jealous, because then, she knew just how much he loved her.


Did Emily say that I'm cute? Cute is for children! Why would she use such a word to describe me?' Jacob grumbled in his heart.

He was a little unhappy but was careful not to let it show. Jacob did however move closer to Emily and whispered in her ear, "I know something else that is even cuter. Do you want to try it when we get home?"

His warm breath and sweet words fired Emily's blood and she flushed like a ripe tomato. Quickly, she buried her head into his chest to hide her state of arousal and embarrassment.

'Oh, my God! Jacob, you are… There are still others here! How could you just say that aloud?' Emily thought plaintively.

Ray was completely forgotten in this

w me then, Emily.' Jacob could not help sadly complaining to himself in his inner voice.

"Of course I do! I just could not help but wonder how things will work out for him." Emily shook her head and, standing up on her toes, kissed Jacob's chin.

Jacob's day-old bearded chin scratched Emily's lips, but his smile made her feel both relieved and comforted. He was home to her, and in his arms, she felt at peace.

"Do not think of him, ever! You can only think of me!"

Perhaps due to Emily's gentle kiss, or out of jealousy, but having said this, Jacob quickly covered her lips with his in a fiercely passionate kiss.

This kiss was different from the previous ones. It was even more powerful and overwhelming, and Jacob only let go of Emily when she was almost out of breath.

Emily's face had turned scarlet and her once-pink lips had become swollen from his forcefulness. Lacking air, Emily's lips had parted and she gasped faintly. This was the state that Jacob most coveted her in.

"Jacob, you... You are so domineering!" Emily complained in a low, shy voice after a lengthy time, while she tried to catch her breath.

"I'm only domineering with you," he said earnestly.

Jacob tightly pulled Emily into his arms as if he were going to pull her inside his own body so that he would never again have to fear for her safety or well-being for any reason. It was as if he craved to hide her inside himself, to protect and worship her.

"Yeah, I know..."

Emily's body was so soft that it made Jacob almost lose control of himself as his body had begun to respond to her nearness, and the beast in his heart threatened to slip out of its chains and break out from its cage.

Jacob tried his best to contain himself but could not help begging Emily in a husky voice, "Honey, I want you. I want you, now!"

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