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   Chapter 902 Hug Me Instead

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"What can I do for you?"

Emily came straight to the point in a business-like manner. She projected an indifferent and serious air as if they had nothing else to talk about apart from business affairs.

Ray, however, seemingly didn't hear her words, as he walked around in her office to find the most comfortable place to sit. He made himself at home and then picked up a magazine to read with a smiling face, apparently having no intention of answering her question.

"Ray Lin, what are you doing here?"

Emily became impatient, but maintained her composure long enough to ask again. However, her voice was cold and clear, resounding in the office.

Ray's slender finger paused in its paging through the magazine upon hearing her icy tone, but less than a second later, he continued reading the magazine. His attitude was one of casual patience and he showed no intention of this being a quick business meeting. Rather, it seemed as if he and Emily were good friends hanging out.

In fact, he didn't know what was written in the magazine as he wasn't reading at all. He just knew that he wanted to stay here. He wanted to stay in this office where he could smell Emily's fragrance and feel part of her existence. Emily's scent in the room was intoxicating to him, increasing his longing for her and drawing him near her, even though he knew that there were insurmountable risks involved in that nearness.

Emily, however, was losing her patience with Ray, as he was behaving like a spoiled child and ignoring her. She couldn't help but put down the paper in her hand, stand up, and walk up to Ray, staring hard at the sitting man.

Ray was a good-looking man, but the way in which he was now behaving made him look like an unruly schoolboy instead. Emily sighed and thought with resignation, 'He is just a boy. I don't want to bother myself arguing with a kid.'

After she calmed herself down with a deep breath, Emily said with a cold voice, "Ray, I'm going out to pick up my young daughter with my husband. If you have anything to say, you'd better be quick. Don't waste my time."

Feeling Emily's growing annoyance, Ray put down the magazine and looked up to meet her clear and beautiful eyes. He enjoyed the sensation of sinking into their bottomless depths. It was wild and exciting, but then the forbidden had always been alluring to him.

"Why can't we be friends anymore?"

Ray asked softly. There was a sense of grief and pleading in his tone, making it sound like he was only a benign and harmless kid asking to be invited to play with his friends.

Emily was surprised and rendered speechless by his words. 'Is he being cute and adorable on purpose?' she wondered painfully.

But soon, she came to her senses. She looked at Ray with steady eyes, and refused

ow since he was smiling and not pouting like a spoiled child.

'Confess his feelings?'

Jacob's face immediately turned grey upon hearing Ray's words. 'What exactly does this stupid boy want?' Jacob mentally sneered as his discontent built up again.

"But then, I suddenly realized that maybe I'm not in love with you. I'm just envious of Jacob who could have met such a great woman like you. All I want is a woman who loves me with her whole heart, just like you do for Jacob!"

Ray kept on explaining his feelings regardless of Jacob's threatening eyes, but when he finished, Jacob was relieved and kissed Emily's forehead to show off and celebrate.

Emily was also very happy for Ray and she looked at him quietly with a sweet smile as she thought, 'This kid has finally become more mature and sensible.'

"I had been planning to study abroad before and what happened lately has been very tiring, so I think now's a good time for me to take a vacation. I want to go abroad to learn more and make myself into a better man!" When Ray said those words, he felt at ease and more open-minded. He realized as he spoke that this was the right decision, not just as far as it concerned Emily and Jacob, but also for his own self.

"That's great. To be honest, I used to take you for a young boy before, but now I see you as a man. Go on, Ray Lin. I'll back you up!"

Emily made a victory sign as she laughed happily. She was truly happy about his sudden mature insight and decision.

"Well... May I get a hug before I go?" Ray asked with a smile as he walked to Emily.

"Of cour..."

"No, you may not!" Jacob interjected, still suspecting that the young star was being duplicitous.

Jacob instantly moved forward to stop him, spread his arms and then said to Ray with a stern look, "If you really want to hug someone, you can hug me instead!"

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