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   Chapter 901 Make A Concession

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9379

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Now that Dina had so humiliatingly sold her body to this man and he had already gotten what he wanted, it was her turn to ask for her "reward" as payment now!

Mr. Wang was a man who was quite experienced in this kind of exchange. He had immediately understood Dina's underlying purpose in offering herself to him. The lecherous gleam now disappeared from his eyes as he instantly put on a cold face after hearing Dina's words.

'Dina's career has been completely frozen by Jacob. And the Xu Group and Ray Lin now see her as a persona non grata. I don't have the power to go against any one of these people even if I wanted to. And I don't want to, ' Mr. Wang thought deviously.

"Dina, you have to understand that it's quite impossible for me to bring you back to the entertainment circle. But I can give you other things. You just name it!" Mr. Wang said grimly with his serious fat face. He didn't want to ruin the possibility that he could continue enjoying her body in the future.

In Wang's view, women like Dina who would trade their bodies to obtain their goals only had two things in mind, money and fame. 'If Dina wants money, I can give her some money as payment. But if she wants fame, there is nothing I can do!'

"What?" Dina flew into a mad rage immediately and, pushing Mr. Wang away, looked at him maliciously. There was a terrible hatred and anger in her eyes, and it seemed that she was likely to hack him to pieces.

"You've already gotten what you wanted from me, but now you're telling me that you can't do it?!"

Dina was as furious as a demon. 'How dare this man take advantage of me now?' she fretted.

"So what? Do you think that you are still a big star like you used to be? No one cares about you now, my dear." Mr. Wang sneered at Dina with a dismissive grin, as if he was looking at an insane person.

He might have feared Dina if she was still famous. And that was the reason why he had been reluctant to have his way with her before even though he had coveted her for a long time.

'Now, Dina has been reduced to a common bitch, and one that people despise to boot. I've already been kind enough to sleep with her and offer to give her some money!' he thought, consoling his almost non-existent conscience.

Mr. Wang got dressed. He turned around, took out a bank card from the drawer and threw the card at Dina, who was dumbfounded and unwilling now. He jeered at her with a mocking laugh. "There is 100, 000 dollars in this account. Take the money and get lost!"

'I've slept with her now. She's nothing special anymore, ' thought Wang. Even though Dina was still sexy and beautiful, he now found her unattractive. The yearning to have the unobtainable was gone. Goods used were goods spoiled, and having used her, he could carelessly cast her aside.



"Well... It's Ray Lin!" Joyce knew the difficulty that this meeting could cause and she struggled for a moment before speaking the truth.

'Things didn't go well between SL Jewelry and Ray's studio. Yet, Ray now chooses to visit Director Emily. He may not have good intentions, ' Joyce thought worriedly.

Although in Joyce's mind, Ray Lin was really hot, she preferred to believe in Emily and be supportive of her every decision. 'If Director Emily decided to terminate the contract, she must have had a very good reason.'

Thinking of this, Joyce realized that Ray might have come because of this matter. 'He must be dissatisfied with her decision.'

In fact, he was.

"I don't want to see him right now," Emily declined instantly as her brows furrowed.

'I have already laid down the law for Ray Lin today. Now that the work is done and the partnership is over, there is no need for us to see each other again, ' thought Emily darkly. She was well aware of how Jacob felt about the flashy actor and she wanted to honor Jacob's wishes that she should not see the young star.

Joyce paused for a moment, then nodded and walked to the door. But before she walked out of the office, Ray Lin came in uninvited.

"Isn't it a little arbitrary for you to refuse to see me without asking me why I'm here?" Ray asked as he walked in with a smiling face. It was as if he thought they were good friends and that nothing unpleasant had happened recently.

Joyce wanted to force him to leave, but she knew that she was not strong enough to make Ray, a tall man, move even a little bit. Besides, she also knew that there would be repercussions if she were to lay her hands on such a famous person.

Emily looked up and said lightly, "It's okay, Joyce. You may go now."

'Fine, I can make my point more clear to him now that he's here, ' Emily decided.

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